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A Note of Encouragement for Finals Week

Why must we pull an all-nighter to feel properly prepared for #FinalsWeek? Whatever your unique “why,” it should be the "big-picture" that drives your study habits. Whatever your end goal, write it down and save it. Take a picture of it and set it as your lock screen for the week. Hang it on your mirror, or put it on a sticky note on your laptop. Finals only last one week, and you'll be one step closer to achieving that thing you are here for in the first place. 

The Five Steps of Decluttering

There are so many books and articles that talk about the benefits of decluttering your life. They claim you will feel lighter and better just from cleaning out your junk. I'm basically drowning in junk, so I figured it was time I tried it.

How to be Healthy and Free

I have struggled with control over my weight, my size, my food and my workouts for several years. In my mind, if I could just lose weight and finally be “skinny,” then I would be happy. I was wrong. Here's what finally helped me break out of the cycle of yo-yo dieting.