Best Fall Drinks in Auburn

Cooler weather is finally here. (Or at least it’s supposed to be). 

With the spirit of fall and holidays comes the opportunity to deviate from your typical coffee beverage and enjoy sipping on something a little more seasonal.In an effort to find the best drinks for the occasion, I visited local coffee shops in Auburn and asked them each to whip up their best holiday drink. Here’s what they gave me:

Photo by Henry G.

Momma Mocha's 

Caramel Apple Pie

A latte style drink with white mocha, caramel apple, hazelnut, cinnamon, and two shots of espresso. As far as flavor goes, this drink was phenomenal; the perfect combination of fruit and spice.

Photo by Henry G.

Prevail Union

 Apple Chaider

A unique combination of apple cider and chai, dusted with cinnamon. The only drink on the list without a milky base, this drink is served piping hot and will soothe the sorest of throats.

Photo by Henry G.

Coffee Cat

Holiday Haze

A creamier option, this drink swirls the flavors of honey, vanilla, nutmeg, and cinnamon into a delectable haze.

Photo by Henry G.

Toomer’s Coffee

S’mores Latte.

Think s’mores around a campfire — without the sticky marshmallows, melting chocolate, and crumbly graham crackers. This indulgent drink features vanilla, dark chocolate, and toasted marshmallow with two shots of espresso.

Any of these sound especially good to you? Know of any that I'm missing? Comment below or contact us on social media @AuburnCampusRec. And as always,

Be well, Auburn.

Photography: Henry G.

Henry is majoring in mechanical engineering, and despite his technically geared mind, he has found a home working at Auburn Campus Recreation. 

Born in California and raised in Auburn, Henry's family now lives in Louisville, Kentucky. He has seven siblings and loves traveling all over the U.S. with them. His dream job is to own a coffee shop on the West Coast.

Henry spends his time riding his bike with the Auburn Flyers Cycling Club, exploring his passion for photography, teaching his puppy new tricks, and studying in coffee shops around town.