Holiday Dorm Decorating on the Cheap

Holiday Dorm Decorating on the Cheap

Decorating for the holidays is one of the things I spend all year looking forward to.

Unfortunately, a true love of Christmas décor can quickly get really pricey. Luckily, we have tons of ways to turn your apartment or dorm into a winter wonderland without spending all the money you’ve saved for your mom’s Christmas present! 

Thrift stores and dollar stores are your best friends, and there are a ton of both here in Auburn. Last year, I found almost all of my Christmas decorations from Harvest Thrift in Opelika, including a mini tree and multiple Disney ornaments. They have tons of ornaments to choose from, but I love Disney on a nearly unhealthy level, so those ornaments made my week. This year, I have gotten most of my decorations from dollar stores around Auburn, or I’ve made them myself. A lot of Christmas materials at dollar stores can also be used to make your own (more elaborate) decorations from cabinet and door décor to trees and wreaths!

Cabinets, doors and refrigerators are your Christmas canvases. With ribbons and construction paper, you can transform your whole apartment into a winter wonderland. White surfaces, such as doors and refrigerators, can come to life as Frosty the Snowman with the simple addition of some black circles and an orange triangle. Any other surfaces, like brown cabinets, can easily turn into presents by tying a bow around the cabinet doors!

Want even more DIY decorations? There are tons of possibilities! Coffee filters can turn into snowflakes; boxes, craft paper and paint can become a faux fireplace for your stockings; and garlands, ornaments and even plastic spoons can be transformed into trees and wreaths! These are super cute and fun to make! For specifics on how to make these cost-efficient, crafty creations, check out the links below!

Whether you try to make decorations yourself, or discover them in a local thrift store, you will feel a marvelous sense of accomplishment from your frugality and your festive apartment or dorm! Happy holidays and as always...

Be well, Auburn.

Photography: Cat S.

Michelle is a Disney and Pixar enthusiast majoring in graphic design and minoring in women’s studies and creative writing. She loves music, literature, visual art, and pretty much any other type of art you can think of. You’ll most likely find her drawing, singing, baking, painting, watching a Disney movie or drawing some more.  

Originally entering Auburn as a nutrition major, Michelle still is passionate about health and wellness. She enjoys writing articles for Be Well about healthy recipes, crafts, Disney, some maybe not-so-healthy recipes, and more. 

If you couldn’t tell, she also just really, really loves Disney.