Eat Smarter, Study Harder

Finals week. It's arguably one of the most daunting phrases in our vocabulary, and the mere thought of it terrifies me. 

Our schedules are jam-packed, to say the least, during this stress-filled week from hell. As the week progresses, studying increases, and the importance of making healthy choices, unfortunately, seems to decrease. I wonder how many pizza deliveries are made to RBD during finals week alone.

Stress can wreck our bodies. It can cause fatigue, headaches, weakened immune systems and many other problems. If we add sugary, unhealthy food to the mix, then we are setting ourselves up for failure during a time in which we need success most.

Snacking is inevitable while studying. We all get hungry and need nourishment, and finals week often seems to ruin our regular schedules for sleeping and eating. Don't forget to be mindful of how we treat our bodies during the week.

For further reading, check out these three articles for tips on healthy snacking: EatingWell magazine's "10 Ways to Snack Smarter," the Huffington Post's "Healthy Snack Tips" and this LIVESTRONG article on "Cheap Healthy Food for College Students."

Good luck this week, 

Be well, Auburn!

Photography: Colt F.

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Hailing from Atlanta, Georgia, Megan is majoring in marketing and minoring in communication. The first Southern belle in a family entirely from the Northeast, Megan enjoys showing Southern traditions, like Auburn football, to her family.

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