Summer Road Trip: Brooklyn Gets a Taste of L.A.

When I discovered I’d be taking a cross-country road trip this summer to California with my fiancé, I immediately started making plans. Naturally, food was a top priority. 

I searched #losangelesfood on Instagram and found the Godsend that is Free Range. I typically use Yelp to find snazzy restaurants with great food, but my recent experience proved a simple Instagram hashtag search can provide awesome options. 

Free Range is an independently owned and operated food service. The cool thing is, it’s a food truck, and you have to go to their Instagram page (@freerangela) to find where they park each day. With a rotating menu and different weekly specials, they’re sure to keep your mouth watering, like mine is now. 

I could definitely go for another OG Wolf Special or Honey Mustard Chicken Sandwich. Yeah, the meal may have cost us $38, but the combination of tempura-fried free range chicken, Fresno chili coleslaw, cheddar cheese, a fried egg, bacon, whole-grain honey mustard, honey and Sriracha on a toasted bun was totally worth it.

If you ever find yourself in L.A., check Free Range out. They're definitely #ChickenGawds.

Be well, Auburn.


Photography: Brooklyn W.


A true Auburn legacy, Brooklyn stepped onto Pat Dye Field at the age of five and knew immediately she wanted to follow in her family’s footsteps.

She’s not just an avid dog lover, but a dog parent—she works so her mutt can have a better life. Her greatest talent is binge watching Netflix (she’s that person who goes through nine years of television in two weeks). Her "obsession collection" consists of chocolate-covered strawberries, candles, Lush cosmetics, and herbal teas.

She strives to live by the last few lines of the Auburn Creed believing in her country and doing her best to serve her home—the land of freedom given by those who defend it.