Four Auburn Seniors Reveal Backpack Essentials for the First Day of Class

Four Auburn Seniors Reveal Backpack Essentials for the First Day of Class

It’s your first day of college — the big leagues.

Your mom says you should read the first chapter of your bio textbook before class, while your best friend says it’s not even cool to show up on “syllabus day”. It can be overwhelming, trust me — I’ve been there. You’ll have enough on your mind already, and what to bring in your backpack should not be one of them!

I’ve rounded up four successful seniors that are willing to reveal their first-day backpack essentials so you can start off fall semester on the right foot! Save yourself the awkwardness of being under-prepared — or over-prepared — with these insider tips on what to pack on the first day of class!


Hadden is a senior in anthropology and a double-minor in asian studies and business. She would describe herself as someone who lives on campus and sleeps at home—so her backpack is her lifeline. Her tips for you are to always remember your Tiger Card and a folder. Your Tiger Card is the key to all things on campus, and some professors require you to have it for attendance. Since it is “syllabus day”, you will be given a ton of paperwork in each class. Keep at least one folder with you at all times. This will help you keep all of your most important things together and organized, saving you from trouble in the long-run!

Photo by Jack P.

Photo by Jack P.



Sydnie is a graphic design major and an unofficial resident of the Wallace Center. Because of her demanding major, Sydnie and her pals spend most of their time on campus. She describes her backpack as being an essential part of her life, acting more as a “laptop carrier” than a place to keep her books. Sydnie’s must-haves for the first day of class would include her laptop, headphones, and mouse. She explains that compiling all of her work into a laptop makes maneuvering the realms of class-time and play-time more efficient. Not all classes permit laptops, so make sure to check with your professor before planning to type your notes in class!

Photo by Jack P.

Photo by Jack P.



Cameron is a political science major minoring in economics and philosophy. While he thrives in the world of academia, at heart he is a people-person who loves a good time. So when he’s not in class, he’s not on campus. If you relate to Cameron, then take note of his first-day essentials. He swears that the most important items he carries are his notebook and a pair of workout clothes just in case the day calls for a jog.  Cameron’s mantra is “Keep it simple because nothing else is.”


Photo by Jack P.



Caleb is a public relations major and a minor in marketing. He’s the kind of guy that enjoys his time away from campus, so he’s only there for class. He offered up some pro-tips and tricks for thriving on the first day of class — and the rest of the semester. Headphones. Headphones. Headphones. Caleb swears that these are the most important item you can carry. Be sure to plug them in so you can plug out all of the soliciting on the concourse! Other essentials include a folder for organizing your papers, and an ENO for chillin’ in-between classes!

Photo by Jack P.

Photo by Jack P.


Caleb’s Products:

While these tips are a good starting point, remember to always check your Auburn email and Canvas for pre-class updates from your professor. Every class is different, so pay attention!

I hope this guide to the first-day of class leaves you feeling cool, confident, and ready to rock the semester!

Comment below to let us know how your first day went!

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Be well, Auburn. 

Photography: Jack P.

Hadden is the epitome of "spunk." Her creative nature and desire for adventure have taken her across the world and placed her in the middle of some interesting situations.

She’s been with Campus Recreation since her sophomore year and has made it her goal to work in as many departments as possible. Along the way, she’s followed her passions from Facilities to Auburn Outdoors, and has finally found her home with the Marketing family.  

A senior studying anthropology and minoring in Chinese and business, Hadden thrives with the obscure and strives to talk to everyone she sees. On her days off, you can find her planning out the next Anthropological Society meeting, walking around the woods looking for cool bugs, or working out at The Rec.