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Top Nine Places to Take Formal Pics

Top Nine Places to Take Formal Pics

It’s that time of the year again: formal season. And if you didn’t get a good Insta from the event, did you even go?

Editor's Update: This article originally posted with an incorrect title. It has been updated to reflect the accurate number of locations.

Sure, call me superficial, but I’m just quoting the culture. And don’t even pretend like you don’t feel the same way. So, to ensure you can keep up your Insta game, here are my favorite places to take formal pics:

Samford Hall

If you want to go the classic route, Samford is your place. It’s an especially good location for the freshmen whose social media feeds aren’t filled with pictures of this iconic background.

Cater Hall

Not just good for call-outs, this historic white building makes a pretty backdrop. And if you live on campus, it’s a central and easy place to meet.

The Red Barn

Looking for a clean but bold backdrop? The Red Barn is my personal favorite. The bright colors help make your pics pop!

Langdon Hall

As long as you can pose without stepping on the seal, this is another classic. But make sure you won’t trip in your heels—you don’t want to end up cursed!

Shelby Center

The new engineering buildings are some of the newest and most aesthetically pleasing on campus. The interior of Shelby is beautiful, too, which is perfect if it’s raining.

Jule Collins Smith Museum

Con: it closes early, but if you can get there with time to spare, it has nice, white walls that make for a pristine feel. If it is closed, no worries! The outside of the museum is just as beautiful as the inside.

Davis Arboretum

Often overlooked, this pretty garden is a great location to let the beauty of nature enhance your pictures.

Make an Artsy Area in your Living Quarters

Whether you use a chalkboard, balloons or a banner, it’s easy to set up a photo area wherever you live. You don’t even have to leave the house to get cute pics. 

At the Formal

Don’t forget that you can take photos at the formal! I’ve gotten some of my best pictures at the event, especially when it’s located somewhere neat. Plus, if you don’t know your date super well going in, y’all will probably be more comfortable later in the night and thus be able to capture more fun and natural interactions.

Here’s to you having a great formal! And hopefully, you can break your Insta like record in the process.

Be well, Auburn. 

Photography: Julia B.

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