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Seven Reasons to Attend an Auburn Baseball Game

Seven Reasons to Attend an Auburn Baseball Game

Baseball is often called America’s pastime. Whether you love it or not, Auburn baseball is underrated, especially compared to Auburn football.

You may not have any idea how the game of baseball is played, but I guarantee you won’t regret going to a few games this season. If you don’t believe me, here’s a list of reasons to convince you:

The Beautiful Weather

Spring has sprung! These sunny, breezy, 70-degree days are perfect. You can’t find a more enjoyable activity than sitting in the in the sun with a group of friends, drinking an ice-cold beverage, and watching Auburn baseball win another game.

The Cozy Atmosphere

Like your high school games of the past, the baseball games at Auburn have an intimate feel to them. You can be close to the action, interact with players from both teams, and sit with all your friends.

The Unlimited Food

Have you ever deprived yourself of nachos during a football game because you knew you’d waste half the game in line? At baseball games, you can get whatever your heart desires faster, without missing too much of the action. The all-you-can-eat seats are a helpful bonus feature. Reserve your seat and get access to unlimited food during select games for only $20.

The Season's Timing

Since they are played at a variety of times through mid-May, baseball games are easy to fit into any schedule. Whether you go during the week or over the weekend with friends, attending a baseball game could be the perfect break from your crazy college life.

They're Free

Baseball games are also less stressful than football games because you don’t have to worry about finding a ticket. You already have a ticket. All you need is your Ignited Card, and you’re good to go.

They Have a Social Vibe

One of the toughest parts of attending an Auburn football game is the obligatory standing. Even if you are bold enough to sit, you can’t see through everyone around you. Baseball games are a little different. When the players sit for over half the game, you don’t feel bad about sitting and socializing with friends. So bring some friends, chat, and have a good time.

It's a Casual Experience

With plenty of seats in the stands, you don’t have to fight to save any for your perpetually late friends. You can squad up, take your time, and cheer on your team without having to fight off hordes of overly intense fans.

Still need convincing? Get a group of friends together, find a baseball game, and try it out. I bet you’ll be back for more.

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Be well, Auburn.

Photography: Terri Y.

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