The Importance of Being Involved

No one can forget their first O-Day.

I heard about it weeks earlier at Camp War Eagle, where many people told me what to expect and what I should do. Even with all the tips, I still was overwhelmed when I got to the concourse that day. I kept asking myself “why is all this work so important?”

After three years of participating in various organizations across Auburn University, I finally see the importance of being involved.

The beautiful thing about Auburn's many organizations is that each one is important in its own way. Student Government Association (SGA) maintains­­­ strong communication between Auburn University officials and the student body. University Program Council (UPC) ensures that the student body stays connected through fun, free events. University jobs keep students directly involved with some of Auburn University’s operations. In fact, undergraduate employees help certain processes run more smoothly, such as facilities management at Campus Recreation.

Organizations that do not deal directly with university operations have importance too. Competitive teams and ministry organizations show the success of Auburn and represent the ideals of Auburn University across the country and even abroad.

Involvement is not limited to organizations or university jobs. Professors ask for help from students in their work, which provides the opportunity for students to be at the forefront of important research.

Involvement also has its benefits; it opens the door for new friends and opportunities. An obvious benefit of working for Auburn University is the pay because, let’s be honest, college is not cheap. These connections provide you a strong foundation as you enter the “real world.”

The large number of organizations here at Auburn might have been overwhelming at first, but now I see the importance of being involved. Not only are the organizations fun, they also encourage personal growth. Involvement benefits both the university and individual students.

So whether this is your first or fourth O-Day, don’t ignore the tables on the concourse. Look around. Find something you’ve done before or something new. Important work is always hard work and campus involvement is no different. Always remember “that we can count only on what we earn, therefore we believe in work, hard work.”

As always, from those of us at The Rec,

Be well, Auburn.

Photography: Auburn Campus Recreation

Cameron moved quite a bit before being able to call Auburn home. Born in Kentucky, then moving to Texas, North Carolina, then back to Texas, it is safe to say he is quite familiar with being the new kid in town.

He enjoys everything life has to offer, specifically Game of Thrones, nights downtown and, well, talking. If you find him say hey, and he will say it back. You will know when you meet him, because you will probably hear him before you see him.