Never Forget

Sixteen years. It's been 16 years since everything changed.

We were just kids when it happened. Even seniors in college were only 5-6 years old when the towers fell. Do you remember it? How has it affected you? Even if you don't recall what the pre-9/11 world was like, you still grew up in its shadow.

If you don't remember your own experience, I encourage you to call your parents, older friends, or relatives. Listen to their stories. Watch a documentary. Read about it. Because even if you don't remember, we will never forget.

Download Chanah's design below. We've included both lock screen and desktop versions. Got any suggestions for our next design? Comment below and let us know. And watch for our next design— out two weeks from today.

Be well, Auburn.

And God bless America.

Chanah is a graphic design major and contributing artist. See her work scattered around the blog and download her original art for lock screens and free printables designed exclusively for Be Well.