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How to Stay Healthy When Everyone Else Seems to be Sick

How to Stay Healthy When Everyone Else Seems to be Sick

Getting sick is never fun. But getting sick as a college student is crippling.

You can’t go to class, work or participate in extracurricular activities, which throws off your whole routine and schedule. Now that finals are around the corner, getting sick just isn’t an option.

Here are some "no-brainers" for staying healthy and productive this spring — without a visit to the med clinic.

Eat and Drink the Right Stuff

Stock your fridge and pantry with immune-boosting foods and drinks. Web MD suggests foods like sweet potatoes, broccoli and citrus fruits and drinks like pomegranate juice, teas and (of course) water. Living on a diet of pizza and coffee won’t cut it, and you’ll probably regret it during the three-hour wait at the doctor’s office.

Go to Sleep

Turn off Netflix. Put down your phone. Close your eyes and go to sleep. According to Time Magazine, if you’re 18-25 years old, you need 7-9 hours of sleep. Too little or too much sleep compromises your health so keep your all-nighters to a minimum. You’ll instantly notice a difference after a good night’s sleep.

Keep Your Hands Clean

It’s virtually impossible not to touch things; there are rails, doorknobs, counters, keyboards… you get the point. But think about it. How many people touched that surface before you? And what did they touch before that? The germ possibilities are endless, and before you know it your sniffles have turned into the flu. So wash your hands every chance you get, don’t touch safety rails unless you have to, flush with your foot and please for the love of all things clean and right, invest in hand sanitizer.

Stay Active

It’s easy to get into a routine and not factor in physical exercise. But staying active doesn’t always mean running for miles or lifting heavy. It can also mean walking to class, taking the stairs and simply moving more during the day. According to Better Health, regular physical activity can improve your quality of life. If you are interested in working out more, visit us at The Rec or join one of our free group fitness classes this semester!

Minimize Stress

This time of the semester is undeniably stressful for everyone. Finals are almost here and the struggle to make (or keep) an A is real. It’s easy to let your responsibilities overwhelm you, so get organized and prepare before your tests. It’s never too late to get a planner or journal to keep your head straight and to-dos in order. Write everything down or utilize your phone or computer calendar to keep everything in one place. Health isn’t just physical, it’s mental too. So take care of all of you. You got this.

Have your own tips to staying healthy? Share them with us in the comments or on social @AuburnCampusRec.

As always,

Be well, Auburn.

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