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Four Steps to a Better Spring Break

Four Steps to a Better Spring Break

Spring break is here! So, whether you’re planning on going home to chill with the fam, or you’re heading to the beach for a fun vacay, these tips can help make your time away from school even better.


Ditch the phone.

Well, maybe not completely. You may need to use it at some point. But try to keep your time on your phone — specifically on social media — to a minimum over the break. All the hours you spend on your phone could have been hours you spent being present with your family and friends, especially the ones that you don’t get to see as much during the rest of the year. And besides, you don’t want to be stuck comparing your spring break to everyone else’s. Just enjoy yours!


This is the one week in the semester when you don’t have to stay up all hours of the night studying or wake up early for those 8 a.m.’s, so enjoy it! You can even go crazy and not even set an alarm. Your mind and body will thank you, and you’ll feel more refreshed during and after the break.


Take advantage of good food.

Whether you’re going home or going on a trip, be sure to fully enjoy the fact that for one week, you can eat with real silverware and drink coffee out of an actual mug. Enjoy every single bite of food your mom makes you, or every meal you eat at a restaurant that doesn’t accept Tiger Cards. 

Take a load off.

Relax. Enjoy your time away from papers, late nights in the library, and last-minute study sessions. Finish that show you’ve been watching. Read that book you’ve been wanting to read. Have a dance party with your friends. Take a relaxing bath. Do whatever you normally don’t have time to do.

After this week, it’s back to the grindstone until May, so really try to soak in every moment of fun, relaxation, and good food that you can. And take your time eating too — you have more than fifteen minutes between classes to eat lunch this week!

And as always,

Be well, Auburn.

Photography by Grace H.


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