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Best Spots on Campus to Watch the Sunset

Best Spots on Campus to Watch the Sunset

There’s nothing like an Auburn sunset. The vibrant oranges and blues, the baby pinks and purples, and the bright, shining golds and yellows - what’s not to love? It’s like the sky is yelling “War eagle!”

Everyone loves an Auburn sunset, so we scouted out the best spots around campus to watch one. 


Mell Library 4th Floor

I accidentally stumbled on this spot the other day. I was walking out of class on the fourth floor of Mell when I turned around and saw the most gorgeous sunset happening right over the stadium. And bonus, this spot has comfy chairs! So, you can sit and do homework (or just sit) while you watch the sun go down over the most beautiful stadium in the country. Also, it’s the fourth floor of the library, so the quiet makes for a really peaceful atmosphere for watching a sunset.

Stadium Parking Deck 

Several things about this spot make it a great place to watch a beautiful Auburn sunset. Being so high up gives you a sort of aerial view of the baseball field, part of the stadium, and a lot of campus in general, so you can literally watch the sun go down over Auburn. Also, it’s usually pretty calm up there and would make for a good spot for you and your friends to enjoy a picnic.


Samford Lawn

Talk about quintessential Auburn. This spot is an awesome location to watch the sunset because it has the perfect Auburn backdrop, Samford Hall! Bring a blanket and watch the sun go down in an array of orange and blue the way only an Auburn sunset can.

The Arboretum

If you’re looking for an outdoorsy spot to watch the sunset, this is your place. Watch the sun go down while surrounded by beautiful foliage and the sounds of birds chirping in the afternoon sky. This is also a great spot to bring a picnic and some friends.


The Rec

Last but certainly not least. Our favorite building on campus, The Rec offers several picture-perfect sunset spots. Whether you want to watch the sun go down from your yoga or cycling class in the towers, any window along the track, or one of the outdoor areas, you really can’t go wrong watching an Auburn sunset here at The Rec.

Now it’s your turn! Go try out these spots for yourself and maybe even find your own favorite sunset spot along the way.

And as always,

Be well, Auburn.

Photography: Zoe L.


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