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Take a Trek With The Rec's New Honzo Bikes

Take a Trek With The Rec's New Honzo Bikes

Auburn has a lot to offer when it comes to its outdoor escapes. One of our favorites is Chewacla State Park. Known for its beautiful hiking trails and waterfalls, you can hang up a hammock and relax.

Not only is it good for the chill seekers, but the thrill seekers will love it too. Chewacla has intricate bike trails that are perfect for any level rider. To find out more about the trails and other places to bike around the Auburn area, we sat down with Henry, a bike technician from Auburn Outdoors.

BW: What Chewacla trails would be most appropriate for beginners?

H: The Falls View Trail is a relatively short trail that stays next to the lake the entire trip. Near the end, it passes by the waterfall. This is a perfect trail for someone who isn’t looking to bike very far or someone who wants a fun destination at the end of their trail. The CCC Trail is another basic trail that isn’t too technical and is easy to manage.

BW: What trails would be more appropriate for experts?

H: The High Gravity Trail is mostly downhill, so it’s easy to pick up a lot of speed. The Tiger Woods Trail is challenging and leads into the forbidden zone. The Forbidden Zone consists of 27 consecutive jumps and also features a 33-foot road gap jump.


BW: Other than Chewacla, where else can people go to bike in the Auburn area?

H: The General Mundy Trail, located at Samford and Shug Jordan, is perfect for biking in the Auburn area as it is very close to campus. It is not very technical, so it’s a great place for those with less experience. In the future, Auburn has plans to add an extensive network of trails on campus!

Further out from Auburn, the Sylaward Trail in Sylacauga and Oak Mountain Trail in Birmingham are great options!

BW: So we’ve covered the trails, now let’s talk bikes. Didn’t Auburn Outdoors just get new ones?

H: Yes, Auburn Outdoors just purchased new Kona Honzo and Big Honzo bikes in the spring. One notable feature on the Big Honzo bikes is the dropper post. This is basically a seat that is retractable mid ride, allowing for a better center of gravity when going downhill. They also are equipped with a midflat 27” tires, insuring a more comfortable ride.

BW: If someone wants to rent a bike, how could they do that?

H: The first step is coming into Auburn Outdoors! Here you can choose between our Kona Honzo and Big Honzo bikes. After choosing your bike, you’ll be fitted with a helmet and an Outdoor Expert will adjust your bike to your specific body for the most enjoyable ride. Don’t forget to grab a copy of Chewacla’s map before heading out!


BW: Are bike rentals affordable? Are there any discounts?

H: There are three main pricing options. All three include the bike, a helmet, and a bike lock if needed. For half a day it is $9, for a full day it is $18 and for the weekend it is $27.

BW: What if you want to take your own bike, but it needs repairing?

H: Auburn Outdoors is equipped with a full bike repair shop that is completely FREE to use! There’s no background knowledge of bike repair required, and bike technicians are always on shift. Although they aren’t going to fix your bike for you, they will be beside you to help every step of the way. They also sell a limited amount of bike repair parts like tire tubes.

No matter what your biking goal is, Auburn Outdoors will be there with you every step of the way. From bike repair to trip advising, their team of bike technicians and outdoor experts are eager to help! Even if biking isn’t your thing, stop by and say hello!

Be well, Auburn.

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