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Put a Little "Jingle" in Your Pocket This Holiday Season

Put a Little "Jingle" in Your Pocket This Holiday Season

Need a little extra money for textbooks? Want to buy that "special someone" a super nice gift? Whether you're saving for rent or just looking for a little more "financial freedom," here are some go-to jobs any college student can land during the holiday season. 


Large department stores (such as Macy’s, Target and Home Depot) are your best bet. Although the holiday crowds are often crazy in these jobs, they’re sure to provide just enough hours to make some extra cash and keep you busy. That way, you’ll avoid being stuck in your parents’ house over the break.

Sitting Service

Everyone loves holiday parties, including parents of small children (both of the two and four-legged varieties). Create a Facebook post, page or even a flyer offering your baby or pet sitting services to those in need. If you network enough, it could be an easy way to fill your wallet. House sitting is another big hit during the holidays. Many families take vacations during this time, and they may need some help to keep up with trash, newspaper, mail and other simple home tasks.

Local Resorts

Like I said, people love to vacation this time of year. Whether they decide to visit a tropical escape or a mountain getaway, they’re bound to end up at a resort. If you live near any, check and see if they’re hiring extra seasonal help.

Previous Jobs

Heading back to your hometown for the holidays? Is there anywhere you’ve worked before? Contact your old employer and see if they need any extra help. Can’t hurt to give it a shot!

Christmas Tree Farms

Check out your local Christmas tree farms; they may be hiring help to assist customers with finding their perfect Griswold family Christmas tree. Who wouldn’t enjoy a month or two of being surrounded by families enjoying holiday traditions together? That’s how you spread the Christmas spirit.

Got any other suggestions for seasonal employment? Let us know in the comments below! Trust me, your peers will appreciate it. And as always,

Be well, Auburn.

Photography: Cat S.

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