Frozen Fashion: Our Favorite Athletic Looks

Frozen Fashion: Our Favorite Athletic Looks

Working out. We should all do it, but for most of us, it’s a chore. Although working out seems enjoyable, a lack of motivation can be detrimental to becoming healthy. You may not be aware of it, but fashion plays a part in motivation. 

Just like dressing up can make you feel better for the school/work day, fitness gear creates the same effect. So what’s the latest in fitness fashion? Here's what I'm loving right now. Click on a photo to visit each item on their company's digital store.

All You Need is … Leggings

We can all agree that leggings are a gift from above. Gone are the days of Soffee shorts and sweatpants, thank goodness. Leggings have come into the scene, and they aren’t going away soon. Aside from the traditional black leggings, new innovative styles are becoming popular. Below are some pairs that will help get you off the couch and on the track. 

Yoga Ready

Get Out and Run

Like a Good Friend, Every Girl Needs a Great Sports Bra

We all know that a good sports bra is like a friend, hard to find and supportive. As trends move forward, bras are becoming more of a statement piece rather than something to be hidden, so make sure that your workout routine isn’t spoiled by an outdated, unsupportive bra, and check out what's new below.

Less Supportive

More Supportive

Layer it Up

When the temperature drops, and we have to embrace the cold, making the trip to the gym can be hard. The cool thing… see what I did there… about winter fitness fashion is that you can use these layers for more than just the gym. Pairing puffy coats and layering cardigans can make a simple outfit cute for the day. Proper apparel not only helps you make it to the gym, but it keeps you warm long after your workout routine. Check out these choices below and see what you can mix and match.



Tees and Tank You

Workout tops use to be simple and unimpressive, but now fitness tops have become style staples, making statements outside of the gym. Graphic images and white apparel may be trending, but basic tops and graphic bras are fitness fashion icons. Looking good is important, but feeling good is what’s most important, and these tops are anything but uncomfortable.

All About the Gains

Get Out and Run

Unlike Cinderella, I Prefer An Athletic Shoe

Running shoes are a necessity, but one really cool trend popping up now isn’t really a shoe at all. Instead, wrapped fabric contours to your foot helping train your body accordingly, while giving you the protection you need in the studio. Check out the list of traditional, and not so traditional, shoes below. 

Yoga Ready

Get Out and Run

No matter the time of year, or the duration of your workout, getting your mind and body ready to take on the day can be tough. The right gear can help you tackle anything. See anything you like? Know of anything we should add? Message us on social media @AuburnCampusRec or comment below.

Be well, Auburn.

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