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Weird word, huh?

Freeletics is a new up and coming online running trainer and nutrition guide! Workouts don't require a gym and only your bodyweight is used; no need for equipment. I’ve spent some time with it and here’s my take:

Personalization – great!

From the get-go on the website/app, you can customize it and your workout types. It asks for current fitness level, fitness goal, and other specifications.  The phone app pins your location and tracks your route, so you know how far you go.

Free (mostly)

Yay! We’re poor college kids and free is our favorite word. The free version of the program gives basic exercises, training, and running workouts.

The Coach

This is the part where you pay, but if you are serious about running/working out and getting in shape, it's totally worth it.  This program offers a personal coach who gives workouts and talks you through those workouts. The workouts are set in weekly formats so you know time and type for the whole week. (If you aren't impressed with the Coach, there’s a 14-day refund.)

The Community

A Freelectics community allows you to meet up and run with locals in the same program. You can also share your success and struggles. Be inspired with motivation to get serious work done!


Also a pay feature, but very effective. Choose a focus - burn fat or gain lean muscle – and the nutrition guide will give lifestyle tips for every day eating. There is no calorie counting, only simple golden health rules. New healthy recipes are offered weekly for a well-balanced diet. Remember, a clean, balanced, and healthy diet is an essential part of your athletic journey!

Overall, this website/app has it all! If you are seriously motivated to get healthier, Freeletics can help accomplish your goals.  

Be well, Auburn.

Photography: Jack P.

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