Join the Club

At some point during your time at Auburn you'll hear the words “club sports.” 

Whether at Camp War Eagle or sitting in class on a Tuesday morning, chances are you've encountered a club sport participant. If you’re involved in club sports or are thinking about becoming involved, the benefits are useful in everyday life.

An expectation of club sports is it will keep you in shape, and it does just that. Being involved with a club sport team means attending practice (from two to four times a week) and participating in regular games. Yes, that means pausing a current Netflix obsession and getting your heart rate going. A benefit in the long run.

No matter how many friends are in your “social circle,” club sports is a great way to meet people and to find others with similar interests. Being a part of a team leads you to meet people you might never encounter otherwise.

Besides making new friends, club sports prepares you for different social settings and potential jobs post-college. I mean, what company wouldn't like that you are capable of working successfully with a team?

Finals week is tough for us all. Even a normal test day is stressful. Participating in club sports can help you de-stress, have some fun, and keep physically and mentally fit.

You can find a list of club sports available to Auburn University students here

Be well, Auburn.

Photography: Auburn Campus Recreation

A true Auburn legacy, Brooklyn stepped onto Pat Dye Field at the age of five and knew immediately she wanted to follow in her family’s footsteps.

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