Nine Habits to Avoid in the Gym

Don't be greedy.

Everyone knows that one “gym junkie” who grabs several pair of dumbbells and stashes them -- a 5, 10, 15, and 20 during the busiest part of the day. Who does that? You only have two hands; you only need two at a time. Sharing is caring. Come on. Be a pal.

Heads up.

I know we are all guilty of getting in the “zone” with a new workout playlist, but no matter how good that new Drake song is, be sure to look before placing down your mat. No one likes detouring through a line of lunges to avoid someone who is in their own world.

Sticky fingers.

If you see equipment out (no, those were not handpicked for you), it usually means someone is using it. Learn to be patient or grab something else from the rack.

Lockers are there for a reason.

Keep the floor clean and clear. Don’t put a gym bag, backpack, purse, or extras against the wall or next to your treadmill. Leave room for those stretching and eliminate items for those of us who are clumsy enough on our own.

Dress the part.

You aren’t headed to a Victoria’s Secret fashion show, and you aren’t being judged on your ponytail. So don’t worry if you aren’t wearing Lululemon. This. Is. A. Gym. You should walk in determined and leave sweaty, tired, and happy -- no matter how you rolled out of bed in the morning.

You can't sit with us.

Even though you and your roomie planned to attend this fitness class for two weeks, it doesn’t mean you should save a spot front and center because she’s running late. People take “their space” in class very seriously. Think about factors that make or break your experience like mirror space and seeing the instructor.

It can wait.

Take the pledge. Keep your eyes on the prize, not your phone. Sometimes a bad song can mess up your groove and it’s necessary to change it between reps. While that may be acceptable, using a machine as a bench while talking to your girlfriend isn’t. Get up, or get back to work. Those "Insta" posts will still be there when you’re done.

You are here for you.

Don’t compare your beginning to someone else’s ending. In other words, don’t judge someone not on your level. You never know if it’s someone’s first time in a gym or if they're just having a bad week. You may want bulk and another may be aiming for slim and trim. Stay focused on you.

Gym germs.

I don’t care if you wash your hands after the restroom, people go to the gym to be healthy, not sick. With shared machines and lots of sweaty bods, gyms can’t completely avoid germs. You can make a huge difference, however. Before hanging up your damp mat, wipe it down. Seriously. Germaphobe or not-- keep it clean.

Be well, Auburn.

Within five minutes of meeting Lauren you will understand that when she says, "will work for coffee", she means it. Give her a task, a MacBook, any cup of caffeine, and see her go to work. She enjoys working in a fast-pace; constantly changing environment and the marketing team has been just that. She has been challenged to pick up a camera, write a blog post, and "REConnect with The Rec". She loves all of the variety and hands on work that the marketing team has provided.