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Four Reasons Tennis is the Right “Match” for You

Four Reasons Tennis is the Right “Match” for You

Many of us have battled with that quiet yet persistent voice in our head that says, “Don’t work out today! There’s always tomorrow.”

For those of us who know this voice all too well, we can admit that it usually wins out over the less-powerful voice telling us to be active and get moving. We almost always allow this to justify our decision to put off exercise until another day.

Finding a workout that is fun yet still physically demanding can be one of the greatest challenges we face as college students, and constantly staying active can be tough if you’re bored of the same old gym routine. Fortunately for us, heading out to the Auburn tennis courts (or any courts at all) could be the perfect solution! Here are 4 reasons why you should drop your old workout habits for a day and pick up a tennis racket instead.

It’s a great workout.

Tennis is an awesome way to exercise without the monotony of running on a treadmill or lifting dumbbells rep after rep. According to LIVESTRONG, playing tennis greatly increases your long-term cardiovascular health just as much as other forms of exercise do. It is a high-intensity workout that elevates your heart rate, and you hardly even notice! Running all around the courts seems like second nature when you’re absorbed in a point or engaged in an exciting rally.

It keeps you social.

Tennis is an easy way to have fun with family and friends while still getting a solid workout. In college and even in the years afterward, we are usually more excited about participating in activities where socializing—and a small amount of goofing off—are encouraged. One of tennis’ many lifelong perks is that it is generally easy to find local teams, through which you can often meet people and make friends. Tennis is a fun workout because it is guaranteed to keep you active and social!

It’s not always a competition.

Tennis doesn’t have to be competitive if you don’t want it to be—and you even don’t have to be good! Similar to every other sport, you definitely get out what you put in, and playing with friends can give you just as many benefits as competing in vigorous matches would. Growing up playing tournaments on most of my free weekends, I always thought that playing tennis competitively was the only way that I could get something out of it. Looking back, I’ve realized that I could not have been more wrong. After coming to college, my perspective has changed completely. Even though sometimes I miss the challenges of competing with a high level of pressure, I have found that hitting the ball around with friends is the perfect break from the new pressures I face every day as a college student.

It relieves stress!

Tennis is one of the best ways to get out some of the frustrations we experience on a daily basis. Whether the frustrations are brought on by school, work, or that person who just cut you off an hour earlier, tennis is truly an effective and healthy way to get out some built-up angst. Sometimes, “taking it out on the ball” proves to be a much-needed release for all of us, and getting out on the courts even once a week can be an incredible stress-reliever. There are probably very few Auburn students who wouldn’t jump at the opportunity to get their minds off tests, schoolwork, papers, and deadlines!

Even if we aren’t always in the best shape, we can still enjoy the simple yet exciting game for many years to come. If you have ever thought about playing tennis, but haven’t had the time, don’t let yourself put it off for one more day. Pick up a racket, and I promise you’ll be glad you did! I’m sure you can find at least one reason why it’s the right “match” for you.

Be well, Auburn.

Photography: Henry G.

 “A journey is best measured in friends, rather than miles.”

“A journey is best measured in friends, rather than miles.”

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