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Five Reasons Why Basketball Is My Favorite Workout

Five Reasons Why Basketball Is My Favorite Workout

Need a break from your everyday workout? Why not give basketball a try? 

It’s a lot of fun, a great way to meet new people, and while technically a game, it also gives you a well-rounded workout. Here are five reasons why you need to hit the courts.


This one is a bit obvious, but basketball is an intense sport that requires a lot of quick movements and fast-pace changes. Running back and forth across the court with the ball is an awesome form of cardio. I’d compare it to interval running with fast sprints and quick stops.

Bone Strength

When playing basketball, you’re constantly running and jumping. Surprisingly enough, this actually helps your body develop stronger bones and prevents diseases like osteoporosis.

Hand-Eye Coordination

Believe it or not, dribbling a basketball can be tricky. Especially when five people are running at you trying to steal it (while you’re trying not to trip over your own “ankle-breaking” crossovers). The more you practice, the better you get.


There’s nothing like the fear of taking a basketball to the face to motivate you to pay attention to the game. Basketball requires plenty of focus and has actually been shown to increase these traits in the players.

Stress Relief

While this one isn’t technically a physical benefit, it is an incredibly relevant for college students. While exercising or playing exciting games, you release endorphins. These endorphins help you lower your stress levels and provide a healthy alternative to stress eating.

Want to take your newfound knowledge to the courts? Well, Auburn offers students a few different options.

I played basketball in high school, so now I'm always looking for opportunities to play. Lucky for me, Auburn actually offers a basketball class (PHED 1410, if you're interested). So I get college credits — and an easy A — to go play basketball three times a week.

If you'd rather not take a class, The Rec offers intramural basketball for all students. So for all of you basketball lovers out there, hit the courts and get involved!

Be well, Auburn.

Photography: Henry G.

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