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Seven Life Hacks for your Dorm Room

Seven Life Hacks for your Dorm Room

If you are new to living in the dorms, they can be a little tricky.

Adapting to the tight space and new roomies can be overwhelming. As a former dorm-dweller, I’ve seen how rough the situation can get, but you have to improvise and make it work. Here are 7 life hacks for your dorm room to help make your stay in the dorm a breeze!

Raise your bed for additional storage space.

Drawer and closet space in the dorms is limited. To make the most out of your set-up, loft your bed high enough to fit storage bins underneath. You can store snacks, socks, and school supplies here! It’ll limit clutter and help you stay organized for the rest of the year.

Freshen up your room with dryer sheets or vent clips.

Dorms can get smelly. You’re living in a confined space with three other people – and their various scents — so things are bound to get cramped and a little funky. Dryer sheets are a quick, cheap fix to this potentially potent problem! Just stick a dryer sheet in your fan or vents to instantly improve your room’s aroma. If you want to save your dryer sheets for your laundry, you can easily substitute vent clips!

Collect tabs from soda cans to double-stack hangers.

Worried about finding enough space in your tiny dorm closet? Use pull tabs on hangers to double the amount of hanging space. This is especially helpful in the winter, since weather in Auburn can be so unpredictable. By double-stacking hangers, you can keep both warm and cool clothes in your closet at the same time — perfect for the crazy weeks in which the temperatures hit both the high 70s and the low 50s.

Utilize bathroom windowsills for additional storage.

Nearly every empty space in the dorm can be useful. We’ve covered the closet and under the bed, but what about the windowsills? Add baskets or shelves to keep all of your toiletries organized. This also helps you keep all of your things separate from your roomies so nothing gets mixed up.

Fold t-shirts facing up to keep drawers neat.

Ever notice how easy it is to mess up your neatly folded clothes? You’re looking for one shirt, but you have to sift through at least 10 to find it. If you fold your shirts and place them in the drawer side by side instead of stacked vertically, you can see each shirt — making it easier to find what you’re looking for. Not to mention, this folding technique gives you more room!

Attach a power strip to the side of your desk using Velcro or tape.

In your dorm room, you’ll need to plug in a lot of devices — phones, laptop chargers, desk lamps, etc. — which means you’ll need a power strip. But power strips are often messy and get in the way, so consider discretely attaching it to the underside of your desk. It’ll be out of the way, and you won’t have to worry about a bunch of tangled cords. Plus, it’ll be within reach if you need to unplug anything. This hack will seriously make your life 100x easier. You’re welcome.

Use shoe organizers for snacks

In the dorms, your gourmet meals will probably consist of Kraft Easy Mac and ramen. Snacks will be necessary. To avoid taking up valuable drawer space, consider using a hanging shoe organizer. It’ll help you keep your snacks organized, while also hidden from your roommates. Just hang your “snack organizer” on the back of your closet door and voilà! 

Be well, Auburn.

Photography: Jack P.

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