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Four Things Former High School Athletes Miss Most

Four Things Former High School Athletes Miss Most

Feeling nostalgic about your glory days? Here's what other former athletes miss the most about their own sport (and why)!

With spring sports in full swing, it is easy to become nostalgic when thinking back on the glory days of high school sports. Personally, this feeling is all too familiar. I started thinking about what I missed the most from high school sports, and then I got curious. I wanted to know what my peers missed as well! To get the scoop, I reached out to a handful of former high school athletes to find out what they missed the most about their own sports -- and why.

1. Traveling

Whether it was a quick trip down the highway or a cross state match-up, traveling to away games was always an adventure. For many athletes, nothing compared to going into a rival’s territory and leaving as champions. Being “road warriors,” as my own coach called it, is something any high school athlete can relate to and would love to relive if given the chance.  

2. The Team

Love them or hate them, the team was family. Ups and downs were inevitable, but little could come between the bond of teammates. From the buddies who made two-a-days bearable to the coaches who always stressed hard work and discipline, the team made it all worth it.

3. Workouts

For many high school athletes, workouts were their life. It might be hard to believe, but the consistency that came with high school workouts was a huge plus for many. These workouts kept them in shape and always ready to play. Even if they dreaded them, looking back, many athletes miss this the most!

4. Game Days

High school game days still hold a special place in many former athletes’ hearts. The rush that came from playing in front of family, friends and peers is indescribable. For many, their school and community's support made the experience special. For others, it was knowing that it was much more than just a win or a lose. They were representing their school with their teammates. From the pep rallies to the last buzzard sound, the memories from game days are irreplaceable.

High school sports may be a thing of the past, but that doesn’t mean you should give up your game! Keep playing here at The Rec! We offer a variety of intramural and club sports, so enjoy your chance to relive the glory days.

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Photography: Jack P.

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