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14 Types of Workout Buddies Explained as Disney Sidekicks

14 Types of Workout Buddies Explained as Disney Sidekicks

Do you have a workout buddy? Someone that pushes you in the gym and helps you get in that one, last rep?

Working out alone can be great, but having a friend to help motivate you and keep you accountable may be just what you need.

That said, everyone has a different personality. Some workout buddies may be total jokesters, always helping you laugh off a bad rep or making you feel better after you fall off the elliptical and break your face. Others may be drill sergeants — harsh, strict, but seriously effective.

Here are our 14 different types of workout buddies as Disney characters.

Buzz Lightyear

The Encouraging Expert

The Encouraging Experts know just about everything about fitness, and they're the perfect buddies to spot you on those heavy weights. Always willing to lend a helping hand, they'll support you to infinity and beyond!

Timon and Pumbaa

The Gigantic Goofball

Gigantic Goofballs fill your workout with some much-needed comedic relief. Constantly cracking jokes and laughing with you, they remind you not to take yourself too seriously. One bad workout is not the end of the world! Hakuna Matata!


The Preoccupied Partner

giphy (4).gif

Preoccupied Partners don’t really know what’s going on, but they're still happy to be along for the ride. Your workouts consists of a lot of “What was next in this set?”, “How many sets was that?”, and “What lap are we on?” No matter the distraction, though, they just keep swimming!


The Hygienic Helper

Hygienic Helpers are almost obsessively concerned with whether the equipment is sanitary. A total clean freak, they always wipe down their machines and weights three times before AND after use.

Mike Wazowski

The Stubborn Sprinter

Stubborn Sprinters will do anything they set their mind to. Determined to work to be the very best, they will not give up no matter what challenges arise.

Mr. Potato Head

The Boastful Braggart

Boastful Braggarts may not be your top choices for enjoyable workout buddies. A really big talker who likes to claim they can lift two of you, this workout buddy may not be as totally awesome as they think.


The Fanatical Friend


Fanatical Friends is your workout buddy that always asks to tag along with you to the gym. They are just happy to be there with you, and super excited to be active!


Conked-out Companion

Conked-out Companions require a whole lot of encouragement — constantly. When they do tag along, they don’t really want to do much, and you’ve got to drag them along with you. They’re thankful for it later, but may absolutely hate you at the time.


Stern Sergeant

Stern Sergeants are almost obnoxiously militant — and always in your face. They push you to do your best, and have no problem sassing you until you do.


Devoted Dancer

Devoted Dancers are those friends who are CONSTANTLY moving, bouncing and shaking it to their workout playlist. They especially love the Barre necessities of life.


Ridiculous Runner


Ridiculous Runners are those workout buddies that you have no chance of keeping up with. They are always yards ahead of you on the track, and they constantly push you to the point where you question your life choices.


Safety Specialist

Safety Specialists know all about avoiding pulled muscles, exercising safely, and generally being healthy. Even though they may not be especially athletic or coordinated themselves, they are always more than happy to help!


Girl Power Generator


The Girl Power Generator is 100 percent in it to win it. They are unafraid to workout on whatever equipment they want, regardless of the hulking men dominating the area. This workout buddy lifts, runs and crushes it with the best of them.


Ideal Instructor 

Ideal Instructors are a dream come true for anyone looking for a workout buddy.

Reason #1: They're fast AND strong.

Reason #2: They will always keep you entertained!

No matter what types you and your workout buddies are, keep up the good work and one day you just might be in Incredible shape!

Be well, Auburn.

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