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All Your Questions About The Rec, Answered

All Your Questions About The Rec, Answered

Here at The Rec, our membership department gets tons of questions, from “Do y'all have a lost and found?” to “How do I buy a Group Fitness pass?”, and even “Is this the Wellness Kitchen?”

Well, we’ve heard y’all. And to clear things up, we’ve rounded up the most frequently asked questions for you. With answers, of course. You’re welcome.

“Where’s the lost and found?”

Everything you leave at The Rec and the intramural fields is kept at the Welcome Desk for three weeks and then given away. Leave your soccer cleats at the intramural fields last semester? You should probably just head to Dick’s Sporting Goods. Sorry about that.

“Is there a sauna/steam room?”

Nope, no sauna here.


“I don’t have my Tiger Card with me, can I still work out?”

Yes, but just this once. You can get into The Rec without your Tiger Card once per semester, and after that, you’ll have to buy yourself a guest pass (or skip the workout).

“How can I get a guest pass?”

You can secure a guest pass at the Welcome Desk! You’re able to sponsor a guest, 19 years or older, for $10 (debit or credit). You can sponsor as many guests as you want, but each specific guest can only come three times per semester.

“Do you give tours?”

Yes! If you'd like to schedule one for a specific time, or if you have a large group, visit our website to snag your spot.

“What are your hours?”

We get a lot of calls for this. Check out the calendar for facility hours (or download our app) for each day. We're typically open 5:30 a.m.-midnight throughout the week, but weekend hours are a little different.


“Where can I buy a Group Fit pass/towel service/locker?”

You can buy Group Fit passes online and towel service and lockers at the Welcome Desk.                        

“Can I watch the intramural game if I’m not a member?”

Definitely! Spectators are welcome during intramural season without buying a guest pass. Parents and  other nonmembers can watch games for free; they just have to sign a log at the Welcome Desk, and they can’t work out.

“Is this the Wellness Kitchen?”

“Some people come into The Rec and have it confused with the Wellness Kitchen,” said Micaela Grover, membership supervisor. “They’ll come in and ask where the cafe is.” It’s not here, sorry.

Have a question of your own? Comment below and let us know, or message us on social media @AuburnCampusRec!

Be well, Auburn.

Photography: Auburn Campus Rec

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