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What Every Incoming Freshman Needs to Know About The Rec

What Every Incoming Freshman Needs to Know About The Rec

For any new student, especially incoming Freshmen, The Rec can be a little intimidating. That's normal, and we are here to help. We put together this video series to help you navigate the Recreation and Wellness Center with confidence. 

Getting In

Every time you step inside our doors, you are greeted by our Membership staff's smiling faces. They are always ready to answer any questions about where to go and how to get in. Of course, you're already a member, so all you need is your Tiger Card to swipe in or scan! Check out this quick video on how to use your Tiger Card to enter The Rec. 

Renting Equipment

There's no need to go out and purchase your own equipment. You can rent equipment like basketballs, volleyballs, soccer balls, and more for free. Just present your Tiger Card at the Equipment Desk. It's extremely easy, and all you have to do is return the equipment before you leave! Watch the video below to learn exactly how to rent equipment, and visit our website to see what equipment we offer.

Utilizing Personal Training

During the week, personal trainers are on the floor ready to assist during your workout or answer any questions you may have. If you are interested in a personalized routine, you might be interested in working one-on-one with a trainer. See below for more information about floor shifts, and get details about personal training here.

Joining Group Fitness

Don’t want to work out alone? You don't have to! We offer Group Fitness classes and there's always something for everyone. There are many class options including cycling, Tiger Pump, Zumba, and barre (just to name a few) offered multiple days and times. This semester, Meditation, Aqua Barre, Aqua Bootcamp and Poolside Yoga (through September) are all free. Learn how to purchase a Group Fit Class Pass below, and check the schedule to see what we are offering this month! 

P.S. The first week is free, so test run as many classes as you'd like from Aug. 20-26.

Using the Olympic/Powerlifting Space

The newest addition to the facility is our Olympic/Powerlifting space. To use the space, you are required to test out after completing a 30-minute orientation. But don't be intimidated! We want you to pass, and if you don't the first time, you can reschedule for a later date. 

After completing and passing the test-out, you can visit our website to purchase a Power Pass. This allows you to reserve a dedicated spot. No more waiting on a rack. Learn more about the test-out process below or visit our website for details. 

For more videos, checkout our Welcome to The Rec series YouTube. Have any more questions about the facility? Ask us anything in the comments below, or on social @AuburnCampusRec! We are so excited to have you and as always...

Be well, Auburn. 

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