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Playlists, Podcasts and Audiobooks for Your Next Road Trip

Playlists, Podcasts and Audiobooks for Your Next Road Trip

Road trips. They can be daunting, even boring at times. When the radio plays the same thing over and over again, what’s a person to do?

No worries, my friend. There are four ways to kill the road trip blues: playlists, podcasts, audiobooks and good times with friends. No need to sift through the myriad of choices out there, because I've curated this list to get you on the road to good times and good tunes, no matter where your next adventure takes you. 

Spotify Playlists Bound to Make Everyone a Karaoke Master.

Discover Weekly

If radio jams aren’t cutting it anymore, this playlist will be a breath of fresh air. A myriad of genres within this “mix tape of fresh music” ensures that whoever you are, you’re bound to find a new favorite hit.

'70s Road Trip

I believe the '70s was the best decade in history, but whether you’re a huge fan like I am or just in need of something soulful, this playlist will have you singing like a pro.

Throwback Jams

Want to bring it back to your childhood? Turn the volume all the way up and get ready to watch the hours fly by as you jam to TLC, Usher, 50 Cent and more.

Rock Classics

With more than 100 songs produced by the best artists known to rock, this playlist will surely bring out the musician in you. After all, you’re all “Free Birds.”

Your Favorite Coffeehouse

Who needs to be in a local coffee shop to enjoy ambient music? Grab yourself a cup of joe and hit the road to this chill mix of tunes that is sure to bring comfort and warmth to the road ahead.

Give Your Vocal Chords a Break, and Turn Up These Spotify Podcasts.


My favorite podcast to listen to, this is for the lover of anything chilling, disturbing and frankly odd. Based on folklore and myths, this podcast has reached such popularity that it’s soon turning into a TV show produced by the same people who created “The Walking Dead.”


Into crime shows like "Making a Murderer"? Then you won't want to miss Serial, a thrilling investigation into the murder of a high school student in the late 1990s. Hosted by Sarah Koenig, the podcast dives further into the mystery each week, as listeners work to piece together the puzzle. Winner of the 2015 Peabody Award, Serial is a fantastic display of journalism, and a welcome addition to any road trip.

99% Invisible

Design affects everything around you, and unless you’re a design major like me, that fact may come as a complete surprise to you. This podcast connects artful conception with everyday objects to blow your mind with the significance of design.

Ear Biscuits

From YouTube to podcasts, these guys have been making audiences laugh for years. More clean-cut than the average comedian, they are sure to engage you, no matter your age or sense of humor.


History enthusiasts unite! This podcast deeply examines the major revolutions of the past. An interesting and factual podcast, check in weekly to hear what they have to say.

You Must Remember This

If black and white movies create nostalgia for you, this podcast will grab your interest from the first few sentences. Full of shock, myths and turns, scandals of the early 20th century are brought to light in every episode.


Unlike playlists and podcasts, audiobooks are harder to review. For someone like me who can’t find the time to sit and read an entire book, audiobooks give me the luxury of enjoying a book without having to fight for time to read it. Audiobooks engage you and hold your attention while driving, making the trip fly by quicker than expected. Recently I listened to “Killing Reagan” by Bill O’Reilly and was overwhelmed by how little information I knew. Soon a seven-hour trip turned into two! So if you haven’t invested in an audiobook, I suggest taking the time and money to do so.

It’s About the Journey, Not the Destination, or Some Quote Like That.

My best experiences on road trips have always been when my friends and I belt out our favorite songs and talk for hours on end. Traveling a long distance? Use that opportunity to take touristy photos in front of differing state signs. Memories like those will last forever, plus it gives your body a chance to stretch before getting back in the car. Another way to stretch your legs is to get out at a gas station every some-odd number of miles. Once there, buy a local snack instead of a Snickers of Kit Kat. Trying something different, good or bad, is a fun way to remember where you’ve been. While on the road, Snapchatting your sleeping friends is a hilarious way to pass the time, too. For those who are awake, playing the Name Game is an interactive way to make the trip go by faster.  

All-in-all, a road trip is what you make it. Creating an environment that’s full of fun starts with your attitude. Whether you’re voyaging alone or with a car full of friends, traveling a distance of any kind is a special way to make memories. So enjoy the ride, and make every mile count.

Be well, Auburn.

Photography: Julia B.

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