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We Asked Five Auburn Students to Describe Their Perfect Day

We Asked Five Auburn Students to Describe Their Perfect Day

Between classes and work, college life can be draining. While some days breeze by, others bombard you with constant meetings and endless tasks.

When life seems to overwhelm you, it’s easy to imagine what life would be like without unwanted burdens. For me, a perfect day includes enjoying a beautiful day full of friends, road trips and good food, all with my dog by my side. I wanted to know what an ideal day looks like for other people, so I asked five Auburn students, “What does your perfect day look like?”

Harlan Bailey | Senior

“My perfect day would be waking up with no alarm. Outside would be beautiful at a sunny 73 degrees, and I would text some friends to see if they wanted to hang out by the pool. We would cook out while enjoying a day free from homework. Then in the evening, we would all chill at someone's house and watch a movie, one which we had probably seen a million times before, but we’d still laugh just as hard. That's my perfect day.”

Josh Carroll | Senior  

“I'd say my perfect day involves me being around a bunch of good friends doing something fun outside on a nice, warm, sunny day. I'd wake up early so that I could stay up late. I wouldn't have to worry about upcoming deadlines or anything. We'd all be relaxed while making memories that would last forever.”

Lexi Herz | Junior

“My perfect day would consist of being at the beach with friends and family, having some yummy boardwalk food and soaking in the sun, swimming and surfing. The smell of sunscreen and salt water is so calming. The beach is my favorite place to be, no matter which beach or what time of year.”

Bailey Rider | Senior

“My perfect day would start by waking up without an alarm, making a delicious breakfast and eating it in my pajamas while I sip on coffee. Then I'd read for a little while on my front porch, followed by a trip to the gym. For lunch I'd love to go out with friends somewhere fun and light. In the afternoon, I'd go to Chewacla and just wander around, taking in the daylight. At dinnertime, I'd love to make food for friends and end the night with a movie. Overall a pretty relaxing day, but still full of fun activities.”

Layne Watts | Sophomore

“A perfect day for me would be one where I wake up early, so that I could fit in a workout and breakfast at Blue Bagel with friends, all before 10 a.m. Once breakfast is over, I would do something creative like a video shoot outside where the weather was beautifully sunny. Afterwards, I would head over to my favorite stores and shop around. To finish off the day, I would hang out with friends at a party or an event around Auburn!”

No matter what your perfect day entails, you can make it possible! With a text and some planning, turn a simple Saturday or Sunday into your ideal day. So here’s to you and your perfect day! Make it happen! 

Be well, Auburn.

Photography: Julia B.

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