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Born To Lead: An Interview with Jacqueline Keck

Born To Lead: An Interview with Jacqueline Keck

On February 9, Jacqueline Keck made history by being elected as the third female president of Auburn’s Student Government Association.

I sat down with her to discuss her new position along with her take on personal fitness.

Be Well: What made you want to run for SGA President?

Jacqueline Keck: "This past year, I served as a member of the War Eagle Girls and Plainsmen and worked in the Office of the President. Through these positions as well as through SGA, I learned about working with teams and with the administration as a whole, and I saw the inner workings on campus and how differently the departments function."

"I built relationships to make projects possible, such as the Auburn Intern Housing Initiative that I’ve been working on with my friend Cody Bass. It's a link between Auburn Alumni and students where the alumni serve as host families while students are interning to mitigate living costs. SGA has a unique opportunity to create change on campus, and I want to leave Auburn better than I found it."

BW: What was the best part of campaign week?

JK: "After the first round of call-outs upon hearing there was a run-off, my team dropped everything to “rally the troops” and strategize the game plan. They all showed up and went right to work without even being asked. It was very humbling to see how many people love me and care about me enough to put aside everything for another two days on their own initiative."

BW: How does it feel to be the third female SGA president?

JK: "I don’t feel very different. However, it is cool that I get to stand on the backs of women who laid the foundation to make this possible, and I often reflect on the work these women have done."

BW: Why should students care about SGA?

JK: "SGA allows the student voice to carry weight and influence. We have the relationship with students to create vision and change. In fact, SGA is behind creation of the Recreation and Wellness Center. Former SGA President Lauren Hayes Smith led an initiative to build a new recreation center. The Rec was a vision of former students, and it now meets current students’ needs."

BW: How do you find time to work out in your busy schedule?

JK: "Like anything, you have to make it a priority. On Sunday, when I go through my planner, I make time for things such as studying, working out and spending time with friends. Accountability among friends is also a huge help. When it comes to schedules, it’s not about finding balance, it’s about prioritizing. You can’t balance 100 things, but you can prioritize."

BW: What does your routine look like?

JK: "I hate to run, but I do it. I run a mile or so because that’s about my exhaustion level. I then stretch and do core. After that, I usually do two sets of three different circuits, rotating arm day and leg day for the specific exercises."

BW: What’s your favorite thing about The Rec?

JK: "Just being in it always encourages me to be better. It’s such a positive atmosphere and inspires you to reach your full capacity."

Be well, Auburn.

Photography: Julia B.

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