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Why You Should Take a P.E. Course

Why You Should Take a P.E. Course

If I were to make a list of my strengths, workout motivation would probably miss the cut.

I don’t mind being active and often even enjoy it, but I struggle with actually making myself exercise. Because of this, my parents strongly suggested I take some physical education classes in college.

My initial reaction? Complete refusal. I did my share of P.E. for 13 years and wasn’t interested in reliving any of it. However, after realizing that the alternative was gaining the dreaded freshman/sophomore/junior/senior 15, I decided to sign up for a class.

The first benefit was the most obvious: I had to actually exercise. The majority of the grade is simply attendance, and I was not about to get a B or C in “Jogging Class.” Even though it can be painful to leave the sofa to be active, you need to do it. After all, when was the last time you regretted a workout afterward? You’ll be glad you did.

Additionally, as a natural benefit to exercise, you’ll get in better shape. For example, in my jogging class, I went from struggling to finish a single mile to being able to shave minutes off my time in 3-6 mile runs. You can try something new or continue developing skills you already have. I also dropped several pounds without (consciously) changing any other aspects of my lifestyle. When else could you lose weight just by going to class?

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Another perk? You can make exercise social. As difficult as self-motivation may be for you, it’s even more challenging to motivate your friends to exercise together. If you’re in a physical education course, you’re automatically working out with other people, which improves the entire experience. You might even make some new friends.

Finally, (and possibly most importantly), physical education courses are a great GPA booster. Auburn is currently the fifth hardest college in the nation to get an A in, so if you have the opportunity to make an easy A, you should always take it. And who knows, the exercise might even clear your mind and help you in your other classes.

So, if you’re looking for a class to add to your schedule, look into a physical education class. It’s worth it.

Be well, Auburn. Even in class.

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