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When I'm Gone: Where These Auburn Seniors Are Headed Next

When I'm Gone: Where These Auburn Seniors Are Headed Next

Another year has come (and gone), and thousands of Auburn seniors are graduating.

Some are headed out to brand-new, grown-up jobs. Others are headed home for the summer, continuing their job search. Still others are traveling abroad, preparing for grad school, or even considering returning for a second degree.

Personally, I’ve done a lot in college. I’ve juggled multiple jobs, excelled in my (admittedly easy) major, and been active in several student organizations. While I didn’t grow up an Auburn fan, I’ve truly made The Plains my home. And it hurts a bit to leave.

But I can’t wait. After a semester full of applications, cover letters and angst, I just landed a dream internship with Deveney Communications in New Orleans as their Summer Scholar. It’s a paid-plus-housing opportunity, and I’ll be able to get some agency experience while staying in an Airbnb in the Garden District. For the first time this semester, I feel relaxed, and it’s a great feeling.

I talked with a few other Auburn seniors about their next steps. Some of them had definite plans, while others were still figuring things out. But all of them had one factor in common: they were finally ready to leave The Plains.



For the summer, I am looking for a design internship to gain a little more experience with my major and working with real clients. I would love to have the opportunity to work with another marketing team in either Birmingham or Auburn and learn from them during the summer. In the fall, I am HOPING to go abroad.

This past fall, I got certified to teach English as a foreign language and when summer hits, I will start the job search for a teaching position in Southeast Asia and then move there for at least a year. I’m hoping to start in South Korea, and then after working a year with them, I would like to have the freedom and opportunity to travel around Asia and teach in other countries such as Vietnam, Thailand and Taiwan. I am still very passionate about design, and I hope to incorporate my creative abilities and skills into the teaching job.  


My post-grad plans happened somewhat spontaneously! I am a fashion merchandise major with a minor in business and NYC just seemed like the place to go. After weeks of applying to internships around the world and not hearing a thing, panic set in and my little daydream of walking to my perfect little corner coffee shop in between meetings was fading.

One day while venting to my hairdresser about my unrealistic The-Devil-Wears-Prada dream, she told me she had a friend in men’s fashion! After overthinking every email and my resume, I somehow got an offer to intern for Michael Hanz Fashion! I’ve always loved men’s fashion and the creative and business side of fashion.

There are so many parts to the industry and its a creative world, you can go anywhere and do anything with it. That’s what drew me into fashion; I don’t want to wake up when I’m 40 and realized I’ve been doing the same thing every day. Whether it’s running around to find the right location, fabric or creating online content, it’s going to be an adventure! 


Sarah R.

After graduation, I'm moving with my boyfriend to sunny Miami for graduate school. I recently accepted a position at Florida International University to study industrial/organizational psychology. I will attend FIU for five more years of rigorous college coursework and research before obtaining my Ph.D degree and finally becoming Dr. Sarah Caroline Robinson.

However, as exciting as this time is, we are going to be leaving behind everything and everyone we have held dear for the last four years; this is the one aspect of the move that is truly hard to even think about. Overall, we are excited to take this next step in our life journey together. May 15, you cannot come fast enough!


I’m moving to Birmingham after graduation. That’s my hometown, and it seems like the best transition-into-actual-adulthood place to be right now!

I’m kind of in a weird spot right now where I am trying to change career paths without getting a different bachelor’s degree. I’ve worked on the marketing team at Auburn Campus Rec for 2.5 years, and even though I am a psychology major, I’m now pursuing careers in photography and marketing.

I’m working two internships in Birmingham this summer, one at a magazine publication and one at an event planning business this summer. My plan right now is to get more experience in marketing and photography, then go back to school to get an MBA.

My time at Auburn has been a ride, and I wouldn’t change a thing! Finally leaving this town is bittersweet, but I’m excited to see how post-college life turns out!

Bittersweet. I can’t think of a better way to phrase it. I’ve changed so much during the past few years. Just four years ago, I was a clueless, wide-eyed freshman with awkward bangs not quite long enough to mask my insecurity. Thanks to Auburn, I’ve found a purpose, learned relevant skills, and I’ve even fallen in love here. I can’t imagine having gone anywhere else. And my haircut is shorter, at least.

Be well, Auburn.

Photography: Julia B.

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