Three Tasty Recipes for the Perfect Appetizer

Turn those mouthwatering videos into a delicious reality with these tried-and-true recipes!

The recent “fad” of easy-to-make and aesthetically pleasing food videos has taken over Facebook. I used to watch and share dozens of these videos simply because they looked delicious, not because I had any intention of trying them. All of this changed when I was given a Tasty Recipe Cookbook for Christmas. I guess my friends were getting fed up with me being all "talk" and no "action."

After testing out my skills in the kitchen, I decided to share some of my favorites.


Guacamole Onion Rings

This was my first time frying anything. Thankfully, it's easier than you think! The prep took a while, but was mostly just chopping up ingredients for the guacamole. I recommend using smaller onion rings so they are easier to bread and fry. They are also bite-sized and more fun to eat!

Time: 30-minute prep, freeze for 1 hour, 20-minute cook time (breading and frying)

Serves: 5-8 (makes roughly 15 rings)

Cost: $12

Difficulty: Medium


Cheeseburger Cups

Quick, easy, absolutely delicious. These make perfect quick bites for a party or tailgate. I would half the biscuits when you put them in the muffin pan. This will make the sliders smaller and more manageable to eat. Add your favorite burger toppings and enjoy!

Time: 20-minute prep (browning meat and laying out biscuits), 15-minute cook time

Serves: 5-8 (makes roughly 8 biscuits)

Cost: $10

Difficulty: Easy


Grilled Peaches with Pecans and Ice Cream

Perfect for a summer night dessert, and an easy way to test your skills on the grill. The sauce will have your kitchen smelling like pecan pie, and you will not regret it. Remember to keep the sauce on low heat until you drizzle it on the peaches so it stays warm and gooey!

Time: 30 minutes

Serves: 4-6 (6 peach halves)

Cost: $10

Difficulty: Easy

I hope you enjoyed hearing about my favorite recipes and will maybe even try them out yourself!

Have your own favorite Tasty recipes? Share them with us at @AuburnCampusRec on social media.

Be well, Auburn.

Photography: Cat S.


Katie is a sophomore studying public relations. Originally from Seattle, Washington, Katie has made Auburn her second home. Leaving behind grey skies and the bustling suburban life, she has chosen sunshine in the loveliest village on The Plains.

When she is not in class, you can find her hanging in her ENO at Chewacla State Park or on coffee dates with friends.

Katie believes that Auburn is a place where she can grow as an independent, a leader, and as a lover of trying new things - including every Tasty recipe video on Facebook.