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Star Spangled Squats

Star Spangled Squats

How do most people celebrate America’s birthday? By eating, of course!

But before you consume as many hot dogs, burgers and pies as possible — grab some friends and try these fun exercises inspired by the good ol’ USA!

1.3 Mile Run

For the 13 stripes on our flag.

50 Star Jumps

One for each star on the flag.

19 Mount Washington Climbers

Reach for the highest point of the Northeast, Mount Washington. Perform one rep for every mountain range in this beautiful nation.

78 Seconds of Superman

An ode to America’s favorite superhero, who first appeared in comics in 1939 — nearly 78 years ago.

28 Firecrackers (Burpees)

Burst with energy as you prepare for the real fireworks show later. One for every number in today’s date (7+4+17).

22 Statue of Liberty Tricep Extensions

Work it like America’s Great Lady and build some muscle! She’s 22 stories tall, so get ready to do a rep for each one.

Auburn Campus Rec wishes you a safe and happy Fourth!

Be well, Auburn.

Photography: Cat S.

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