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Motivation and Inspiration: YouTube Edition

Motivation and Inspiration: YouTube Edition

YouTube is an excellent resource for fitness/wellness motivation and inspiration. Enjoy the convenience of having a personal trainer or chef within your home — without having to pay anything!

However, searching through the millions of YouTube channels to find exactly what you’re looking for is often time-consuming and unrewarding. Luckily, I have compiled a list of YouTube channels that has something for everyone.

1. The Fitness Marshall

Subscribers: 971,710
Best if you're looking for: 
up-beat dance workouts, group fitness

The Fitness Marshall is a YouTube channel that features original dance workouts by Caleb Marshall. His channel offers a variety of hit songs and dance routines that include warm-up, main workout and cool-down videos. He also updates his "Sweat Set" playlist every week to change up your workouts!

The Fitness Marshall is best if you want a fun, up-beat dance workout. Marshall incorporates a sassy flare in his dances and provides a group-fit feel to your workout!


Subscribers: 3,342,387
Best if you're looking for:
workouts, nutrition, supplement advice, bodybuilding

ATHLEAN-X is a workout program designed by former physical therapist and strength coach for the New York Mets, Jeff Cavaliere. Cavaliere provides a wide range of videos from how-to workouts to diet tips. Cavaliere also has a pre-medical degree in physioneurobiology and likes to discuss the science behind the fitness.

ATHLEAN-X is great source for bodybuilding tips and informational fitness videos!

3. Yoga with Adriene

Subscribers: 2,336,797
Best if you're looking for: 
yoga for healing, yoga for beginners, 10-15 min yoga for busy people, yoga for weight loss, yoga for runners

Adriene has quickly become one of the most popular yoga instructors on YouTube! Her yoga workouts are intentionally designed with a specific purpose behind each of them. Her exercises range between stress management, weight loss and technical beginner skills.

Adriene's calming voice delivers a serene and positive environment to your room, which helps you destress and enjoy your yoga workout! Yoga with Adriene great for all levels of fitness!

4. Buff Dudes

Subscribers: 1,380,412
Best if you're looking for: 
gym entertainment videos, comedic videos, informative workout videos

Buff Dudes is a YouTube channel run by brothers Hudson and Brandon White. The word "buff" in Buff Dudes stands for Better Understanding of Food & Fitness. These two brothers upload both informative and funny gym videos.

These hilarious videos include topics such as "gym crimes", "gym diseases" and "what not to do at the gym." Their goal is to create YouTube videos on food and fitness that are easy-to-understand and fun to watch.

5. Mind Over Munch

Subscribers: 489,101
Best if you're looking for: 
advice on healthy eating

Alyssia Sheikh created the YouTube channel Mind Over Munch to help people make informative decisions about the food they eat. Her outgoing personality shines through her videos and inspires others to make healthy choices! Mind Over Munch posts new content every Thursday.

6. Blogilates

Subscribers: 3,760,263
Best if you're looking for: 
Pilates workouts, quick workouts, at-home workouts

Cassey Ho is a YouTube personality who is known for her motivating fitness and healthy lifestyle videos. Her channel Blogilates provides Pilates workouts for all levels! Ho helps her viewers push themselves to their limits and become their best self!

Blogilates features a form of Pilates called POP Pilates which is a fusion of Pilates and dance music. You can follow along with her workouts from home as she posts new videos every week!

Make sure to check out these fitness/health and wellness channels next time you're on YouTube! Did we forget to add your favorite channel? Let us know in the comments!

Be well, Auburn.

Photography: Julia B.

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