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Top 4 Group Fit Classes for the Squad

Top 4 Group Fit Classes for the Squad

With a college student’s busy schedule, it can be difficult to balance classwork, working out, and a social life.

Fear not! We have consulted some Group Fit instructors, and determined the best classes for you to combine friend time with gym time, giving you the freedom to still finish that assignment you’ve been procrastinating. 


Dancing + fun music = a killer workout! I am not a dancer at all (read: zero rhythm), so I was nervous going into this class. During the first song, I realized how silly that was because the instructors are so easy to follow! Claire Broussard, a group fitness instructor, told us, “You don’t need tons of equipment, or have to try to get a spot together on machines. It’s not intimidating at all!” This class is great for the squad because it’s like having an organized dance party together, and you can take the class at your own pace. 


Butts and Guts 

This class works glutes and abs, which can be tough to work out on your own. Who doesn’t need a little extra motivation for that peach? It can be as easy or hard as you want it to be; the instructors have you pick your own weights and modifications during the class. Per group fitness instructor Bailey Gough, “Butts and Guts is a great toning workout, and there’s always a challenge for each move, so you can always have the option for an easier or harder workout!” 


This class makes time fly by. I was concerned for my rhythm-less self going into this class, especially since I had no experience with kickboxing, but it was the best time. The instructors make it fun and easy to follow, building moves on one another so nothing is overwhelming. The music in this class is killer as well, so everyone can jam out and learn how to kick some booty. 


Cardio Blast 

Cardio Blast is upbeat and fast-paced, so this is one of the most fun classes at The Rec.

“There is always so much laughter in this class, people mess up, and it’s okay!” said Gough. “Everyone has so much fun.” Cardio can be the most difficult to include in your workout, so do it with your squad at Cardio Blast! (No treadmill required).

Life gets busy, but don’t let your workout or your friend time take the hit. These classes are a great way to have fun, laugh, and get a great workout on your busiest days. 

For more information about Group Fit classes (or to view the class schedule) click here.

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Be well, Auburn.

Photography by: Grace Harkin

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