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Ultimate Auburn Date Ideas: Fall Edition

Ultimate Auburn Date Ideas: Fall Edition

Do you ever feel like you are in a date rut? Or just need some inspiration for that special someone? We are here to help.  

We composed a list of the best Auburn date ideas for every mood! So next time you find yourself saying, “I don’t know, what do you want to do?” check out this list.  

If you’re feeling sporty

Go to an Auburn sporting event! There are tons to choose from: soccer, tennis, swimming, equestrian, softball, baseball, or rugby. Here’s a schedule of all Auburn athletic events. After the game/competition, pack a picnic and head to the Red Barn for dinner. You can’t beat an Auburn sunset, so make sure you bring your camera to capture pictures.


If you want to be basic

Head to Toomer’s for a brown bag meal and lemonade. Then, take them to Samford with a blanket to enjoy the sunshine! After you eat, we recommend walking over to the lathe to make sure your date is a true Auburn man or woman. If they are, pick up some War Eagle bikes and go for a celebratory ride.

If you want to be old school 

Go to Mrs. Story’s Dairy Bar on Pepperell Parkway. This sixty-year old classic restaurant serves chili dogs and milkshakes. 

If you want to be outdoorsy 

First, stop in Auburn Outdoors and rent kayaks or paddleboards, and have your date gear up for a fun day outside. Head over to Chewacla where you can hike, paddleboard, kayak, or explore. We suggest bringing a picnic along! 

If you want to stay up late 

If you and your date are night owls, grab a blanket and some Momma G’s, which is open until 3 a.m., and head out of the city to Wire Road for some southern stargazing.  

If you love dogs but don’t own one 

If you and your date are feeling like you need a fur baby to love on, Pups on the Plains provides a “rent a dog” program. This program is affordable, and you get to help a cute dog in need. Go to Town Creek Park, which is dog friendly, to walk around. With the pond in the middle and the gazebos hidden around the park, it is a perfect place to have a fun date with a dog. 

If you’re feeling broke 

Who doesn’t feel broke as a college student? Auburn-Opelika has some great thrift stores to go to. Mission Thrift is one of our favorites, but there are several to choose from. After you go thrifting, downtown Auburn is fun to walk around and window shop.


If you want to go to Opelika 

If you want to get out of Auburn, we suggest going to Opelika’s Zazu Gastropub or Irish Bred Pub. Both of these restaurants are town favorites for a reasonable price. After you eat, assuming you still have room, head over to O-Town Ice Cream for dessert. Afterward, you can work off all the food by exploring Historic Downtown Opelika.

 If you want to be artsy 

If you and your date are into art (or just in an artsy mood), visit the Jules Collins Smith Museum of Fine Art on College Street. One of Auburn’s hidden gems, explore around the lake or within the museum. Afterward, you can visit Arboretum for a picturesque picnic. 

If you want to embrace fall 

Fall. Is. Here. Embrace the basic and go to Farmer in the Dell Pumpkin Patch to get a pumpkin. After you take some #artsy pictures, go to Parkway Farmer’s Market to get seasonal and fresh goodies for you and your date. If you are feeling confident in your cooking skills, go home and whip up a meal from what you pick out. 

If you want to get up early 

If you and your date are morning people, get up to watch the sunrise at Lake Martin’s Smith Mountain Fire Tower. Make sure you have coffee ready when you pick your date up! After you watch the sunrise, grab some doughnuts or Chick-fil-a breakfast to wrap everything up.

If you’re in the Christmas Mood 

If you and your date are big into Christmas, Opelika and Columbus have some great opportunities for you. Opelika has a Christmas Market for those last-minute gifts or gift ideas for your date. Columbus also has Elf the Musical, which is a Christmas-time classic. 


If you want to be classy 

Are you celebrating an anniversary or birthday? Do you just feel like dressing up and having a nice dinner or brunch? Hamilton’s in downtown Auburn is one of the top-rated restaurants, and it has a sophisticated, classy feel. Another great location for an upscale meal around Auburn is Acre. Acre’s head chef has won the TV show “Iron Chef,” and his food is to die for. Acre’s brunch is just as good (if not better) than its dinner, so you can always make a weekend of it!

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Be well, Auburn 

Photography by: Grace Harkin

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