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5 Haunted Houses Near Auburn That Are “Worth It”

5 Haunted Houses Near Auburn That Are “Worth It”

~Spooky~ season is in full swing. We’ve compiled a list of the top haunts in the Auburn-Opelika area — as well as a couple a little further away if you’re down for a road trip. Below you’ll find information on each haunted house including location, distance from Auburn’s campus, price, and attractions. 

Pope’s Haunted Farm

Location: Salem, Alabama

Distance: 30 minutes away

Price: $$$

Get ready for a spooky adventure! Attractions include the Haunted Hayride, Haunted Barn, and Haunted Forest. More people chicken out on the Haunted Forest than any other attraction, so get ready for a real thriller. This year, they’ve introduced a brand new attraction: Zombie Safari Paintball. Ride on a wagon through the woods as you shoot live zombies. Bonus: Enjoy hamburgers, hotdogs, candy, and more from the nearby concession stands.

Haunted Hollow Funeral Home & Casket Company

Location: Valley, Alabama

Distance: 35 minutes away

Price: $$

This haunted house is probably the best value. The owners partnered with their local fire department to create three amazing outdoor attractions, including Finn’s Funeral Home, The Village of the Dead, and Spinal Tap. Beware—the actors can and will touch you in Spinal Tap. Visit their website to watch promo videos for each attraction. Pro tip: They sell amazing BBQ sandwiches, so don’t miss that.

The Haunted Pink Trap House - 13 Stories

Location: Newnan, GA

Distance: 80 minutes away

Price: $$$$

Courtesy of 2 Chainz and 13 Stories (a haunted house company), the Haunted Pink Trap House is exactly what it sounds like. The house showcases scenes from urban classic films in addition to showing some of the dangers of the trap life. Some of the proceeds are donated to local charities as well.

Elsewhere, 13 Stories is still featuring Sacrifice Extreme Haunt, one of the nation’s top-rated haunted attractions. Be prepared to sign a waiver allowing the actors to touch you, shock you, separate you from the group — you’re basically under their control! If that’s a little much, though, consider purchasing a flashing pacifier to let the actors know you’re a chicken — and they won’t touch you! The best part? 13 Stories now offers a virtual queue, which means no more waiting in line. Check out their website for more info.

Sleepy Hollow Haunted Farm

Location: Auburn, AL

Distance: 25 minutes away

Price: $$

Are you ready for a bone-chilling experience brought to you by one of Auburn’s very own — Patrick Starr? Sleepy Hollow has two new attractions this year: RIP Ride and Zombie Paintball. They also have a petting zoo, so if you chicken out, you can head over and feed the animals. Grab your friends and enjoy the Haunted House, Haunted Hayride, and Corn Maze for $30 or check out their Fast Pass: All Events option for $50!

Photo provided by NETHERWORLD Haunted House

Photo provided by NETHERWORLD Haunted House


Location: Stone Mountain, GA

Distance: 2 hours away

Price: $$

Let’s be honest, this is by FAR our favorite. While it’s a little more expensive ($20-35), it’s worth it. However, if you are a haunted house newbie, you might not be tough enough. Netherworld is consistently ranked in the top ten haunted houses in America. All their actors are REAL actors, and the production values are sky high.

Prepare to be spooked from the second you arrive, as they even have characters coming around the lines. Attractions include The Awakened and Subject: UNKNOWN. You can also book a game in the Netherworld Escape room. This haunted house is also the only one open every night of October as well as the first week of November, so you have plenty of time to visit! 

Do you have a favorite haunted house that we missed?  Let us know in the comments below, or message us on social media, @AuburnCampusRec

Be well, Auburn.

Header Photo by Sleepy Hollow Haunted Farm

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