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86 People Who Believe in Auburn and Love It and Why They Are Thankful for Their Auburn Experience

86 People Who Believe in Auburn and Love It and Why They Are Thankful for Their Auburn Experience

The Auburn Family reaches far beyond the boundaries of campus.

Whether you are running errands and see someone in an Auburn hat, or you are traveling overseas and run into a fellow fan, you can always expect a loud “War Eagle.” There is pride in the Auburn Family that runs deeper than just a Saturday on the Plains, and each member experiences Auburn in a unique way. As a member of the Auburn Family, what are you thankful for?


1. “My Auburn experience was beyond positive. It was foundational for the kind of person I am and still aspire to be. I am thankful for the Auburn culture and Family. Auburn is unwavering in its commitment to grow ‘Auburn Men and Women’ who will bring positive change to their homes, workplaces, and communities.” – Chris W., Class of 1988, Parent/Alumnus

2. “I am thankful for all of the incredible people that have made Auburn special to me. There’s no other school in the world that treats you with the love and kindness the people from Auburn do.” – Beau L., Student

3. “Auburn has been a place for an amazing education for my father, brother, husband, children, and myself. I have loved coming back over the many years to tailgate and celebrate in so many Auburn traditions. Auburn has so many sweet memories for me and will always hold a special place in my heart.” – Rachel P., Class of 1994, Parent/Alumna

4. “At Auburn, I get to enhance and follow numerous passions both in my academics and in extracurricular activities. I am encouraged by friends, faculty, pastors, coaches, and teammates as I finish two degrees during the weekdays, serve as an Auburn University Cheerleader on Saturdays, and lead worship at my church on Sundays. What a blessing it is to be surrounded by people who want us to succeed in all areas. I’m thankful for ample opportunity, supportive community, and a common joy. I’m grateful for love that exudes from faces familiar and unfamiliar as we all get the privilege to be in a place that is warm, thriving, and bright.” – Sarah Beth J., Student


5. “My child is third generation. Auburn is home, family, and friends. There is no place like it anywhere else that I have traveled.” – Robert P., Class of 1995, Parent/Alumnus

6. “I am thankful for faculty that live the Creed every day and genuinely care about Auburn and its students. To be at a school that cares about each and every student and has student organizations that promote inclusion and outreach is something that I deeply appreciate.” – Colleen R., Student

7. “My parents did not have the opportunity for higher education, and it was their dream that I attend Auburn University. I am thankful for the opportunities provided to me due to my education at Auburn. I am thankful for my friends who share the Auburn Spirit, and thankful to be a member of the Auburn Family. I am a better person because of Auburn, and I love Auburn. War Eagle!” – Scott C., Class of 1984, Parent/Alumnus

8. “I am thankful for Auburn because when I came from out of state, everyone was so welcoming and made me feel at home even though I was 14 hours away from home.” – Crosby A., Student

9. “My Auburn experience has truly shaped me into a more confident version of myself. The invaluable lessons I’ve learned and the connections I have made have helped me find what I’m most passionate about and what I’d like my future to look like. So to say the Auburn experience is life changing is definitely an understatement.” – Mackenzie A., Student

10. “I loved my Auburn experience. Not only did I meet the love of my life, but I really felt like I grew as a person.” – Julia B., Class of 2018, Alumna


11. “When I think of Auburn, the first thing to come to mind isn’t Samford Lawn or rolling Toomer’s after a win. Instead, I think of the people and the friendships that Auburn has given to me. Because of these relationships, my Auburn experience has an impact on my life that will go far beyond my 4 years here as a student, and is what I am most thankful for.” – Anna Grace S., Student

12. “I’m thankful for the skills that I learned in my journalism classes that make my work today as a news reporter easier.” – Ingrid S., Class of 2018, Alumna

13. “I am thankful for the Auburn Family and the close-knit relationships that come along with going to Auburn. I can never wear an Auburn shirt while traveling without getting a ‘War Eagle!’” – Taylor G., Student

14. “Auburn was where I found myself and learned core values. It is also where I found a support system that has been there for me through hard times.” – Gabriela H., Class of 2017, Alumna


15. “I am thankful for the exposure that I have had to many different cultures and ideas from others that I have crossed paths with. Auburn has forced me to think outside of the box, and outside of my comfort zone, which has stretched me to new lengths.” – McClain P., Student

16. “I’m so grateful for a place to call home as I have moved all over the country with my husband who was a helicopter pilot in the USMC. We came back as often as possible, bringing our two sons with us. We now live in Huntsville, and my oldest is a freshman majoring in Aerospace Engineering. It’s so fun to see him embrace the Auburn Family. Our youngest son is also planning on going to Auburn. It’s great to be a part of the Auburn Family!” – Kristi B., Class of 1987, Parent/Alumna

17. “I’m beyond thankful for the experiences that Auburn has given me. From my grandmother, dad, aunt, and uncle all attending Auburn, I was thrilled to be able to continue the tradition. The Auburn Family truly does run in our blood, and we couldn’t be happier to rep the orange and blue!” – Emily H., Student

18. “[Auburn is a] nice place to learn to be an adult. Classes were challenging but the student networking opportunities were plentiful. [The] good athletic entertainment was helpful to fill the non-academic hours. War Eagle!” – Harvey H., Class of 1990, Alumnus

19. “Auburn University and, more importantly, the Auburn Family has been pivotal in laying the foundation for who I am today. Before attending university here, I was unconfident and completely disconnected from who I truly was. It is because of on-campus organizations, professors, and friends that I can now say that I am a confident, capable woman who is sure of her future.” – Allie G., Student

20. “[I am thankful for] all of the beautiful, fantastic football experiences over the years, and a safe place for my daughter and son to learn, grow, and flourish.” – Craig G., Fan/Parent


21. “My Auburn experience has definitely changed who I am. I came in as a reserved freshman that was too shy to talk to strangers, but now I am more confident, outgoing person. I am president of an organization on campus, and I would not be the leader I am today had I not met the many amazing people at Auburn.” – Claudia C., Student

22. “My daughter has made lifelong friends at Auburn. She has also been challenged to rely daily upon the Lord, and has found her calling there.” – Dave P., Parent

23. “[I am thankful for] the constant support I receive from my professors and fellow students. I have so much trust in the behavior of the people that attend this university, and I am always proud to say that this is my school.” – Marquesa C., Student

24. “I’m thankful for the people, community, and opportunities Auburn has given me. I have learned so much about myself and how to be the best version of myself through the people and education I have gotten here. The community atmosphere is like no other and there is nothing more true than the Auburn Family!” – Julianne L., Student


25. “[I am thankful for] the hospitality and kindness of the Auburn Family, and the beauty of Auburn and the surrounding area.” – Donald C., Parent

26. “I am thankful that I get to go to school on such a gorgeous campus. I am so grateful for the people who put in so much effort (in the heat!) to make sure the grass, plants, and trees are all happy and looking beautiful! Their hard work is definitely noticed and appreciated!” – Kelley A., Student

27. “Auburn has helped me grow as a person both in and outside of the classroom. I truly would not be the person I am today without Auburn. I have learned what is truly important and I have discovered things about myself and my peers.” – Natalie H., Student

28. “I am thankful for the friends and experiences I made at Auburn.” – Scott H., Class of 1980, Fan/Alumnus

29. “I am so thankful for my Auburn experience as it gave me an opportunity to grow. I learned so much more about myself and my personality through new friendships and alone time. I am so proud to be an Auburn student and to have the opportunity to represent the Creed.” – Sarah P., Student

30. “I’m thankful for the pride people have for Auburn. It’s definitely a big reason why the Auburn experience is what it is. People really love this place and it does so much for the atmosphere.” – Sarah L., Student


31. “Auburn was the most amazing four years of my life. I have met the friends that I will have for a lifetime and it’s all thanks to Auburn. I am thankful for such a warm, welcoming campus and student body. Without this atmosphere Auburn wouldn’t be Auburn.” – Lauren M., Class of 2018, Alumna

32. “Auburn University was the perfect fit for me. The small town feel and the people make Auburn such a great atmosphere to grow as a young adult in college. I have thoroughly enjoyed being involved in things like Camp War Eagle, Greek Life, and Choral activities.” – Abbie T., Student

33. “I am most thankful for the Auburn Family. Having visited many schools throughout my college experience, I have yet to find one with such a family oriented atmosphere. No matter where you are, you don’t have to look far to find someone willing to help or listen. War Eagle!” – Paul I., Student

34. “I am thankful for the education I received at Auburn University. Majoring in Finance, I have worked in the banking/real estate market for more than 30 years. I’m thankful now that our children are also students at Auburn University, two finishing in the spring of 2019, and one just beginning his freshman year!” – Jane P., Class of 1984, Alumna

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35. “My experience has been nothing short of amazing. Coming from out of state, I was looking for a school where I felt comfortable to be myself and succeed academically. Auburn has done just that. It has given me a family that I never could have imagined having. I have met some of my best friends and made memories that will last a lifetime. It was the best decision I could have made, hands down.” – Morgan A., Student

36. “I am thankful for all of the friends that I have met in Auburn, all of the relationships that I have formed, and the connections that I know will last me a lifetime.” – Katie C., Student

37. “My matriculation through Auburn wasn’t singularly eventful. Yet, after graduating, enjoying a great career, raising a family in Auburn, and building strong friendships, I can’t imagine life without Auburn in it!” – Bill P., Alumnus

38. “This whole place has always felt like home, even before I came down to study here for the fall semester. It was the only college for me, and I knew without having to take a tour of the campus or anything. Everyone is one big family, and the clubs and tutoring really make me feel like I’m in the right place.” – Keiffer R., Student

39. “[I am] thankful for the campus staff that keep our campus beautiful!” – Matthew P., Student

40. “I am thankful for the experiences that I have had tailgating with both of my girls over the last 6 years. I always feel at home once the truck is parked and the tailgate tent is set up. Football games have been a great way to stay connected and spend some quality time with my girls.” – Mark B., Parent


41. “My Auburn experience has been by far the best four years of my life to date. I have made countless friends and connections that will last me well past my years here. I’m definitely thankful to attend a university with such amazing traditions and a sense of family with everyone else here.” – Rob L., Student

42. “I am thankful for a homey feeling and a comfortable place to go to school. I’m surrounded by kind people, and a great community, who will do anything just for a stranger.” – Logan C., Student

43. “[I am thankful for] great colleagues, a safe and fun environment, and motivated students.” – Dora B., Faculty

44. “Auburn makes an experience that should be overwhelming feel welcoming.” – Noah G., Student


45. “Moving off to college it seems like it would be intimidating and hard to make friends. Auburn is such a friendly and inviting school. I am so thankful for all of the experiences and friendships that I have made while I have been here. During the fall I love all of the events across campus that I am able to participate in and make memories doing. I will forever be thankful for the lifelong friendships that I have made while I have been a student. I am grateful for my Auburn experience.” – Madison H., Student

46. “I had just become a Christian before moving to Auburn in 1985. I am so thankful that Auburn offered an incredible environment for God to solidify my relationship with Him through the friends I made at church, my sorority, and the campus ministries.” – Julie H., Class of 1990, Parent/Alumna

47. “I am thankful for the Auburn Campus Rec. The Rec is such a good tool for students to relieve stress and stay in shape!” – Sara B., Student

48. “I am incredibly thankful for my Auburn experiences because it has given me my best friends. It has also shaped me into who I am and has given me experiences that I will take with me wherever I go!” – Megan W., Student

49. “[I am thankful for Auburn because my] children received a great education.” – Mark B., Parent

50. “I’m thankful for the people who I’ve met at Auburn and the friendships that have blossomed. The Auburn Family is a community that welcomes students and others with open arms. I feel lucky to call Auburn my home.” – Ginny L., Student

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51. “The past three and a half years I have been a student at Auburn University. I have found friendships that I will treasure for a lifetime through various forms of on campus involvement, and have fallen in love with traditions that are uniquely Auburn.” – Hannah W., Student

52. “During my Auburn experience, I was given the knowledge and resources to achieve my goal of attending graduate school. I made strong, lasting friendships with people who motivate me daily to be the best version of myself. Finally, I learned about myself, about the type of person I strive to be, someone forgiving, intentional, and kind. For all these reasons, I am oh so very grateful for my Auburn experience. War Eagle!” – Rachel T., Class of 2016, Alumna

53. “I am thankful for the friends I have come to know. I am thankful for the opportunities offered, especially the study abroad I was fortunate to go on. I am thankful for The Rec and all of the intramurals offered! I am also thankful for the clubs and organizations that incorporate other students similar interests and allow you to work towards a similar goal. You can accomplish so much more together. I’m thankful for teachers and the Auburn Family.” – Jessie H., Student

54. “[I am] thankful for the amazing instructors and friendly atmosphere that Auburn has to offer!” – Cody C., Student


55. “Even though I am not an Auburn alumna, getting to experience the campus life at Auburn through my daughter has been very fulfilling. Watching her get involved with different organizations on campus, mature into adulthood, and maintain academic excellence are things that I am thankful for.” – Patreana S., Parent

56. “I grew up loving Auburn because my family has gone here. I am thankful for the support academically by the professors and advisors who work so hard, and for Auburn giving me my best friends.” – Megan H., Student

57. “I’m thankful for my friends, the organizations I’ve been able to get involved in, and the community I’ve been able to help and change for the better.” – Julia W., Student

58. “My Auburn experience was exceptional. Not only did I gain knowledge and experience that has helped me in graduate school, but I met the people who would become my best friends and stand with me during the most important days of my life.” – Alex T., Class of 2017, Alumna

59. “I am thankful to come from a whole family of Auburn graduates. We all take pride in our university and it is a point of bonding for us. I am thankful for the Auburn Family, and the selflessness I see every day. War Eagle!” – Grace C., Student

60. “I couldn’t be more thankful for the years I’ve spent here at Auburn. I have met a lot of amazing people that will continue to be a big part of my life when I leave here. I have gained so much experience to prepare me for the real world, and have learned a lot about myself. I have grown because of the support from my Auburn Family. I am so thankful to wake up and step foot on the beautiful campus every day (especially gameday Saturdays).” – Kalee W., Student


61. “I completed my undergraduate degree in 1991 and 27 years later completed my masters degree. Both times I was an Auburn student, I was impressed with the professors I had and their genuine interest in their students’ success. I am thankful for the professors in the School of Kinesiology and how they share their passion with their students.” – Christy C., Class of 1991, Campus Recreation Employee/Alumna

62. “I am thankful for the community I have become a part of at Auburn. Although Auburn is a big university, the people and friendliness of most have made it feel small.” – Sarah C., Student

63. “Auburn has provided me with a plethora of opportunities to be able to find myself inside of a sea of students. I am grateful for the support network I have been shown that has allowed me to seek out service opportunities, find my group of friends, and have a great college experience.” – Bryan B., Student

64. “Auburn gave me opportunities to grow my learning inside and outside of the classroom. It gave me lifelong friends and helped me take the next step towards a career that I love. I will always be thankful for Auburn and call it home.” – Kyle P., Class of 2017, Alumnus

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65. “My Auburn experience has been nothing like I expected it to be. Coming in as a freshman I had all of these ideas of how the next four years would go, and oh boy was I wrong. The Lord had very different plans for my college career, and I am the most thankful for that. I am incredibly thankful to Auburn for the friends I have made, the community I am a part of, and all of the amazing experiences I am able to have!” – Caitlin P., Student

66. “My experience at Auburn has been nothing short of incredible. From the moment that I stepped on campus, I have felt constant guidance, support and encouragement from those around me. Auburn challenges me to grow into a better person each day while building relationships along the way that will last a lifetime.” – Evelyn B., Student

67. “I truly believe Auburn is the Disney of colleges! I feel so lucky and thankful to have received a degree on the plains, and I love coming back every year to see my Alma Mater and all of its changes! War Eagle!” – Nicole M., Class of 2016, Alumna

68. “I am so thankful for the community of friends and opportunities to network that Auburn has provided me.” – Abby H., Student

69. “I am thankful for the game day atmosphere because I know that I am a part of a family that is far bigger than myself.” – Evy H., Fan

70. “Auburn is my home away from home. I’m thankful for everyone who yells War Eagle and fall Saturdays in Jordan Hare. I am thankful that Auburn gave me an education that I will use throughout my life.” – Olivia K., Student


71. “Auburn was so good to and for my daughter. There are so many things that I’m thankful for. I’m thankful for all of the wonderful friends she made through Greek Life and while working on campus at The Rec. I’m thankful for all of the leadership opportunities she had while she was there. I’m thankful for the education she received and for all of the great memories she made. I wish the time had lasted a little longer! Thank you Auburn, and War Eagle!” – Stacey M., Parent

72. “Auburn has meant the world to me. It has put people in my life that have challenged me to be the best person that I can be, and given me the desire to live authentically and serve those around me daily.” – Carolanne S., Student

73. “I’m thankful for the people of Auburn. I came on campus not knowing a soul, and now I can’t walk around without someone saying hello and asking me how I am. I thought for a while that I needed to find my community while I was here on the plains, but this student body is my community. We are a family, and I love that so much. Y’all lift me up.” – Anna Catherine S., Student

74. “Both [of my children] received an excellent education and were able to find good jobs after graduation. Both look back on their time at Auburn as a very positive experience and have visited the campus several times since. They are still in contact with friends that they made while at Auburn.” – Mark B., Parent


75. “I am thankful that I got to experience Auburn beating Georgia and Alabama in football at home during my time as an Auburn student. Storming the field after the 2017 Iron Bowl win will forever be my favorite Auburn memory!” – Carly H., Student

76. “I’m thankful to receive a great education at this university. They’ve provided so much for me being a military dependent, and also having a mental disorder.” – Jessica G., Student

77. “I am thankful to my parents for sacrificing so that all three of their daughters could attend Auburn. I am thankful for all of the great memories that I have of the time that I spent there. It truly is a great college town. I’m also thankful that it is a tradition that we have handed down to the kids in our family.” – Karin R., Class of 1991, Alumna

78. “Auburn University has become home to me. I have fallen in love with the campus, the classes, and the community that it provides. War Eagle!” – Kailey Beth S., Student

79. “Auburn has been a second home to me. The people here are genuine and tradition is plentiful. I’m thankful for the community that Auburn creates within the student body.” – Alana G., Student

80. “I am thankful for the education that prepared me for a career. I am also thankful for the Auburn Family that creates an instant bond with other Auburn graduates that I meet throughout my life. The Auburn Family is real and strong. I love coming back, even though so much has changed, the feel I get when I am on campus never changes.” – Jeff G., Class of 2005, Alumnus


81. “I am thankful for the way Auburn University includes everyone. I think it is special that Auburn is so passionate about wanting every single person to fall in love with Auburn and love it as much as we do.” – Sarah H., Student

82. “Auburn felt like home to me on my first visit as a junior in high school. I had such a great time there learning, growing, and forming relationships that have lasted until this day. I am so thankful that we have such a great university, family, and tradition. I love bringing family down there to enjoy some of the atmosphere I have enjoyed for 30 years.” – David G., Class of 1993, Alumnus

83. “My time at Auburn has been filled with many challenges along the way, but I am thankful for the man that these challenges have helped me become. I have had the opportunity to be a part of the Auburn family not only as a student and athlete, but being abroad with fellow Auburn students. I would not trade my experiences here, and I am proud to be a part of this Auburn Family.” – Max C., Student

84. “I am thankful that Auburn gave my daughters such a strong foundation to go out into the world and be successful, morally founded individuals.” – Jennie B., Parent

85. “I am so thankful to have the opportunity to attend a university that generously provides for the health and wellness of its students. The Rec is an incredible resource for students to heal their bodies from the inside, while cultivating an environment of positivity and self-acceptance or improvement.” – Polly B., Student

86. “How can I even say what I’m thankful for? There’s too much.” – Cassie S., Student


Personally, Auburn has given me the greatest 4 years of my life. It has allowed me to make the greatest friends, who I cannot imagine leaving in just 7 months. I have grown in ways I could not be more grateful for. Auburn has helped me find a church that I call family, a future career path, and new passions to pursue daily. The people that are a part of this family are there to carry you through the hardest days and to celebrate with you on your highest days. There is pride behind the orange and blue that goes so much deeper than game day. I know that even after I walk across the stage on graduation day, I will be a part of a family that stretches so much further than just here on the tiny village on The Plains. Auburn is home. Auburn is family.

As always,

Be well, Auburn.

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