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More Energy, Minus the Coffee

More Energy, Minus the Coffee

We all love our morning cup of joe, but it’s fun to shake things up sometimes.

Coffee certainly has its perks. But whether you’re about to pull an all-nighter or just need to wake your mind up in the morning, there are plenty of other options to give you the energy you need. Check out these tasty substitutes.



This one is my personal favorite — and what’s not to love? Sweeter and creamier than coffee, chai is made from black tea leaves combined with spices and herbs like ginger, cinnamon, and cloves, making it a good source of antioxidants that boosts overall health. The warm, sweet, spicy flavor of chai will instantly boost your mood and energy level.


You’ve probably heard about the recent kombucha craze. People love kombucha for its flavor, and some even say it helps with colds. Like chai tea, kombucha is made with a black tea base, but it’s combined with sugar and yeast. The mixture is then set aside for a week or more to produce acids and probiotics.


Another recent trend worth trying, matcha lattes taste delicious and are made from matcha leaves combined with milk and honey or sugar. Matcha contains helpful antioxidants and amino acids, with just enough caffeine to wake you up without making you jittery. 



It may not give you the same little boost caffeine does, but it certainly has its fair share of benefits for both your mind and your body. Drinking a tall glass of water in the morning will leave you feeling refreshed and ready for the day. It may even give you a little sense of accomplishment too, especially if you make this a daily goal — and stick to it! Add some lemon or lime juice for an extra splash of flavor. 

All of these drinks can be bought pre-made, as Keurig pods, or powders at just about any grocery store or coffee shop. We hope these fun little coffee substitutes help fuel your day and add some fun flare to your morning hydration! 

Be well, Auburn.

Photography: Zoe L.

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