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Finals Week as Told by Game of Thrones

Finals Week as Told by Game of Thrones

Finals week is rough, but so is life in Westeros. Get through your finals by commiserating with everyone’s favorite (and least favorite) Game of Thrones characters.

When you see how much material will be on the exam.

When you first review the material and realize you’re not in great shape.

When you realize what grade you need on the final to make an A.

When your professor is super nice and gives you a study guide, but your notes aren’t good enough to help you answer any of the questions on it.

When you think maybe you should’ve chosen a much, much easier major.

When your roommate is already done with finals and is being loud in your dorm.

When you prepare for a dreaded all-nighter with a million cups of coffee.

When you walk out of the library after not seeing the sun for 24 hours, and you feel dead but have to go buy a scantron.

When your friend gives you the motivation you need to push through.


When you finish all your exams and still have your sanity, like a Khaleesi.

We wish you luck on all of your exams, by the Old Gods and the New!

And, as always,

Be well, Auburn.

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