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How Morning Yoga Can Help Get You Through Finals

How Morning Yoga Can Help Get You Through Finals

Finals are rough —no argument there. But there may be a way to make finals week a little less terrible. Check out how practicing yoga in the morning can get you through finals feeling confident and at ease.

Coffee Counterpart

Practicing yoga in the morning is an awesome alternative to coffee. The revitalizing breathing exercises and refreshing stretches can give you the energy you need to get through a full day of studying. Doing morning yoga can also prevent you from feeling dehydrated and sick from drinking too much coffee. You may find it hard to believe yoga can work as well as coffee, but just try it! Your body will thank you.

Back Beneficiary

When I study, I usually spend the entire time slouching at a desk, which makes my back pretty angry with me. Certain yoga poses can help improve bad posture and if done first thing in the morning, can even make you more aware of your body throughout the day. During finals week try back-stretching yoga poses in the morning to avoid back pains.

Metabolism Magic

Yoga is generally known to speed up your metabolism, but practicing yoga in the morning can jump-start this process by waking up your digestive system earlier, which will allow nutrients to start flowing earlier. With a speedier metabolism, you can indulge in a much needed extra study snack —guilt free.

Anxiety Alleviant

Anxiety seems inevitable during finals. The pressure may be on, but don’t feel overwhelmed.  Practicing yoga is a proven way to reduce anxiety! Some doctors and psychiatrists are even beginning to prescribe yoga as anxiety treatment. Taking a few minutes to meditate or try a few poses can benefit your whole day and attitude.

Immune System Improvement

Getting sick during finals is common. If you can relate, try morning yoga! Your immune system protects you best when your blood is circulating well, and this happens by waking up your organ systems. Yoga does a great job of getting your blood flowing, and the earlier you do it, the earlier your immune system is working for you. If your immune system is doing its best, your chances of catching something decrease. If you don’t get it, you can’t spread it, and everyone will thank you.

Brain Blast

Incorporating breathing awareness exercises and challenging postures to your morning yoga routine can improve your concentration, which is much needed during finals. Releasing tension through yoga, both mentally and physically, has even been shown to improve memory. Better concentration and memory is always a plus during finals week.

Make the most of your finals week. Set your alarm earlier, and try performing your sun salutations at sunrise. Your body will sincerely thank you, and your GPA just might as well. Any tips you think we should add? Comment below or message us on social media @AuburnCampusRec.

Three free Yoga classes are offered at The Rec Monday-Wednesday at 5 p.m. during finals week, so come check it out "on us." 

Be well, Auburn.

Photography: Julia B.

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