A Fall Tablescape Fit for Friendsgiving

If you want to stand out among your friends as the best host this Friendsgiving, look no further to step up your tablescape game. 

What’s a tablescape you ask?

It’s simply setting the scene for a great meal. The plates, the lights, the flowers, the colors, the little trinkets, and the personal touches can turn a standard table setting into something Instagram-worthy, and set the scene for an amazing evening with precious friends and delicious food. 

Step One: Layers

We love to layer our clothes in the fall, and the same principle can be transferred to table decorating. Layers on a table help add interest and texture, which make it more aesthetically pleasing.

Start with your base layer. Find a tablecloth, runner, or any layered fabrics, and don’t be afraid of pattern here. A large print fabric can make a fun statement.

Next, move upwards. Think varying heights like a floral arrangement with candles or a smaller arrangement. Groups of odd numbers are always the most visually comforting, so stick to three or five.

Step Two: Metallics

Spray painting leaves is an affordable way to achieve your metallic dreams. Scatter them across the table for a glimmering effect. Other simple alternatives include candle holders and vases.

Step Three: Personal Touches

Add subtle personal touches to elevate a sense of welcoming and hospitality. This can spur conversation, help bring back sweet memories, and create a comfortable environment for your guests.

You can do this with something as simple as placing name cards on the table or even picking a theme to stick to like Disney or Star Wars. Another way to make people feel at home is using plates and silverware with a story. Whether it’s your mom’s china, or Grandma’s serving bowls, this added level of detail will bring a ton of sentimental value.

Whether your tablescape components are from Walmart or Anthropologie, your guests are sure to be thankful for your generous hospitality and effort. Have fun with it! Enjoy precious time with your friends, good conversation and laughs, and (most of all) be thankful for this season of life.

Be Well, Auburn.

Photography: Jack P.

Creative Director

Terri has worked with Campus Recreation since her first semester at Auburn. She spent her first year as a facility attendant, the second as an operations supervisor, and now, Team Marketing. To say The Rec has become a second home is an understatement.

A minimalist at heart, Terri loves things neutral, simple, and clean. On the weekends you can find this grandma-at-heart cleaning her apartment, ironing clothes, baking cookies, and watching romantic comedies.

Be Well writers hope to inspire and equip the Auburn Family to step into confidence, fearlessness, and a lifetime of health and wellness.