Become a Personal Trainer for Campus Rec

Are you passionate about fitness, learning, and helping others set (and reach) their fitness goals?

Interested in getting paid for it? Then consider becoming a personal trainer here at The Rec.

Currently, Campus Recreation employs 20 students as personal trainers, and the program is expanding as we look for more students to join our personal training team.

So how do you become a personal trainer? It's easier than you might think. Kaelee Humphrey, the personal training graduate assistant for Campus Recreation, breaks it down into two easy-to-follow processes.

Option 1: Start Through the University

  1. Take the introduction to personal training class (KINE 3030) and lab (KINE 3031) that's offered each semester. During this class you will learn the NASM model of personal training in the lecture, and you'll implement the skills you’ve learned in the lab.
  2. Complete the course, and receive the NASM discount code.
  3. Register for the NASM exam.
  4. Pass your exam and receive your certification! 
  5. Email Laure Butcher to set up a casual meeting to get you started.

 Option 2: Directly Through a Personal Training Exam

  1. Register and sit for any personal training exam that’s accredited by the NCCA.
  2. Pass the test.
  3. Email Butcher to set up a casual meeting and get started. 

Bonus tip from Humphrey: "Auburn’s personal training program has its own training protocol for getting you started, so don’t worry about knowing everything about assessments. As long as you bring a passion of health and fitness, and a willingness to learn, we will work with you to make you a successful trainer!"

Interested in working elsewhere within The Rec? Join our staff of more than 500 student employees, and fill out an application here. And as always,

Be well, Auburn.

Photography: Henry G.

Catherine (aka Cat) is from Birmingham, Alabama, majoring in aerospace engineering. Her hobbies include exploring new places, eating bananas, and “doing something crazy.”  An avid picture-taker, she works as a photographer for Campus Recreation Team Marketing.

Cat is a self-proclaimed nerd. When not with a camera in hand, you can probably find her fangirling about Elon Musk and his newest engineering breakthroughs (think Hyperloop).

Other than physics and photography, Cat enjoys being around people. She is nothing without Jesus and has a strong passion for The Lord. She encourages the happiness of others by sharing a smile and advocating a healthy lifestyle. 

Check out Cat’s photography of everyday campus moments on Be Well.