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Beginner’s Workout Guide to The Rec

Beginner’s Workout Guide to The Rec

Whether it’s scaling the climbing wall or trying out a Bollywood-inspired-dance-fitness class, The Rec has lots to choose from.

The Rec is a great resource for students looking to fit activity into their weekly routine. At first look the facility may seem daunting, especially for someone new to Auburn. As someone who was involved in sports in high school, working out at the gym wasn’t something that ever crossed my mind. Now, as a full-time college student, getting enough activity in is a challenge. But The Rec doesn’t have to be intimidating — once you understand how to use the facility to your advantage, it can become a habit.

Facility Breakdown

Walking into The Rec for the first time can be really intimidating, I know. When I first experienced it all, I was terrified. 240,000 square feet of recreation space with three floors of machinery, training rooms, courts, and more is a lot to take in. However, a quick breakdown of where to get the workout you want will have you walking into The Rec like a regular in no time. 

Heisman Level

The Heisman Level is the main floor of The Rec, comprised of a full set of machines and equipment. As a beginner, a great way to get into working out is to dedicate different days to exercising different parts of your body. This floor can take care of several days of your routine with machinery, from squat racks to cable machines, as well as a variety of weights for strength training.


Mezzanine Level

The Mezzanine Level is the second floor of The Rec, complete with an elevated track and cardio lofts and plenty of cardio machinery like treadmills, Stairmasters, cycling bikes, ladder machines, and ellipticals (just to name a few). For those looking to do a simple arm and leg workout, this floor has the basic machinery to do so without the crowd on the main floor. The second floor also has a large area containing yoga mats, bosu balls, and weights that many people use for ab workouts. 

The Lower Level

The Lower Level is the bottom floor of The Rec, which has a variety of recreational activities including the climbing wall, PGA Golf Simulator, and racquetball courts. You can always use these facilities for light cardio as a break in your workout! Another option is to use the extra treadmills, Stairmasters, cycling bikes, and ellipticals to get in your cardio in a more private place. 

Group Fitness Classes

Not sure where to start on your own? Not to worry. The Rec has a wide variety of group fitness classes that provide guided workouts for all fitness levels. Not only do the trainers structure the classes in a way that benefits everyone, but it’s a fun and easy way to incorporate a workout into your schedule. Whether you go solo or bring a friend, you’ll always be surrounded by a supportive group. There’s even a class that incorporates bouncing on a mini trampoline. No joke. Check out the group fitness class schedule and purchase a Class Pass to get started. Classes are mostly located in rooms on the Heisman Level and in the tower (to the right of the entrance).


Personal Training 

A lot of students don’t know that The Rec offers personal training, but it’s a great way to get you on your feet and boost your confidence if you don’t mind spending a little extra cash. Personal and semi-personal training sessions will help you learn the basics while getting personalized workout advice. Plus, once you get into a routine, you can take what you learned into the gym on your own. To get signed up, head to RWC Connect.

Now that you have a basic overview of The Rec, getting into a new exercise routine and achieving your fitness goals will be a breeze. Whether you’re an exercise veteran or have never stepped foot in a gym, the Campus Rec family can’t wait to welcome you.

Be well, Auburn. 

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