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How to Make the Most of Galentine's Day

How to Make the Most of Galentine's Day

For those who don’t know, Galentine’s Day, founded by Leslie Knope from the TV series Parks and Recreation, is one of the best days of the year. Here's why.


Celebrated on Feb. 13, Galentine’s Day is a holiday set aside for the ladies in your life, and we’ve thought of some gifts to give and things to do to make this Galentine’s Day the best yet!

Not all of us are as skilled at gift giving as Leslie Knope, but don’t fret. If you’re wondering what to give this Galentine’s Day, here are some ideas!


Chocolate is almost always a good idea. Whether you get a big box to share, give individually wrapped pieces, cover fruit with it or bake it into a cake, chocolate is a gift almost everyone is happy to receive.

Old School Valentine’s Cards

Elementary school Valentine’s Day celebrations were amazing. What could be better than mountains of sugar, not doing real schoolwork and most importantly, character Valentine’s cards? Whether it's SpongeBob, a Disney princess or a Marvel superhero, these cards are still super fun to give and receive on Valentine’s or Galentine’s Day. Some even come with stickers, and who doesn’t love stickers?

Personalized Gifts

While you may not be the type to make mosaics of your friends’ faces like Leslie Knope, any personalized gift can be just as meaningful! Framed photos, cute mugs or nice letters all make wonderful Galentine’s Day gifts. Create something to show your friends how well you know them and how much you care.

White Elephant

If you don’t want to get presents for all of your friends this Galentine’s Day, playing White Elephant with several of them is a great way to let everyone leave with a gift without leaving with an empty wallet. Host a girls' night, set a price limit, have everyone bring one gift and let the games begin!

For Galentine’s Day, gifts are absolutely not required. If you want to just hang out with your friends, but you’re not sure what you all should do, here are some ideas!

Group Dinner

This Galentine’s Day, get with your friends and all have dinner together! Whether it’s at Waffle House, a sit-down restaurant or a potluck at home, a dinner is a great way for everyone to catch up and relax. As Leslie would say, it’s a time for “ladies celebrating ladies.”

Road Trip

A road trip to Columbus, Atlanta, Birmingham or even further can be a great way to spend a day the weekend before Galentine’s Day. Pile in a car, plan out where to go (or don’t plan at all). Just have fun!

Dessert Party

Instead of having a potluck dinner, have a potluck dessert party! Bring the classic cookies and brownies, or try out a new dessert recipe. You can’t go wrong with anything involving sugar. Heart-shaped desserts are highly encouraged.

Treat-Yo-Self Day

All fans of Parks and Recreation are well aware of the “treat yo self” mantra. Get with your friends, and celebrate this Galentine’s Day with a treat-yo-self celebration! Go shopping for your favorite things, get manicures or have a spa day at home. Whatever you decide to do, make sure to TREAT. YO. SELF.

So grab all of your gal pals and celebrate the best day of the year the best way you know how! Have some other ideas of how to spend Galentine’s Day? Share your ideas with us below!

Be well, Auburn.

Photography: Julia B.

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