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Nine Reasons I Hate My Phone at the Gym

Nine Reasons I Hate My Phone at the Gym

It’s already hard to get in the right mindset for working out, and the last thing you want is for your phone to throw off your groove.

Ever had that perfect day when everything is going right? You aced that test, your bank account has more than $5 in it, you parked your car in the B parking zone and didn’t get a ticket, and you’re excited to work out. And then it seems like your phone acts up every time you’re putting your weights down or while you’re racing around the track.

Not only do we use our phones for calls, but also for tracking our workouts, diets and for playing music. They do a lot for us, but they seem to glitch at the worst possible times. Obviously, we are ridiculously blessed to have this technology, but sometimes it’s just frustrating. Here are just a few examples:

1. When you get a call mid-set or while running.

So you’re halfway through your 10-rep squat set, or you’re two laps into your second mile around the track, and your phone rings. Not only does your obnoxious ringtone sound throughout the gym, but you also have to stop and decline the call. Or worse, you have to answer it because it’s your mom who hasn’t heard from you in two months. Yeah, it’s probably about time for a 30-minute cool-down in the middle of your workout.

2. When your phone dies.

No matter what kind of phone you have, your battery is terrible, and if it isn’t yet, it will be. I don’t think I can make it to lunch without having to borrow someone’s phone charger. The fact that I am practically addicted to it doesn’t help much, either. There are few things worse in life than when your phone dies unexpectedly.

3. When you’re running and your arm catches on your headphones, sending your phone flying out of your pocket.

Unless you have an iPhone 7 and have been forced to switch to cordless headphones, most of us are still struggling with cords. They’re absolutely great — until your arm catches on the cord while you’re running, which either rips the cord out of the phone, or it launches your phone across the gym/track.

4. When you’re using your phone for music while running and either have to awkwardly hold it or wear an armband.

Although it is convenient to have one device that does everything, it’s a real pain to lug your phone around while running or lifting. So you’ve got two options: either hold it in your hand or use an armband to hold your phone. The problem with holding it? It’s just plain annoying. The last thing you want to worry about while you set Olympic records around the track is holding onto some large-screened phone.

5. When you try to take a screenshot of a workout and turn your phone off on accident.

Although we don’t all have iPhones, most everyone is aware of the struggle that is the screenshot. For iPhone users, you simply press the home button and off button simultaneously. Easy, right? Think again. I can’t count the number of times I’ve gone to take a screenshot of a great workout and turned my phone off. The struggle is real.

6. When your music randomly skips to the Frozen soundtrack that your sister downloaded onto your phone.

If you have siblings, it is a near guarantee that you have music on your phone that you would never have added yourself. Try explaining that to your friends when you have the aux and various Disney soundtracks begin to play off your phone. It’s even worse when you’re really getting into your workout and some song comes on that kills your vibe.

7. When a song you hate comes on, but you’re halfway through a set and can’t skip it until you’re done

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been halfway through a set, or on a run, and a song comes on that I hate. You start while your favorite song is ending, and next thing you know, you’re listening to Nickelback while you’re trying to max out your bench press. You may call it motivation, but the only thing I’m motivated to do is throw my phone against the wall.

8. When you’re leaving the gym and the person at the door tries to tell you to have a good day, but you can’t hear what they’re saying so you just smile and nod.

Don’t get me wrong; few gyms have people that greet you personally every time you walk in and out of the door. However, this gets a little awkward when you’re jamming out to your workout playlist and someone tells you something that you have no earthly way of hearing. You then reply to their “Hi, how are you?” with “You too” or just simply smile and nod. Either way, you lose. Or maybe I’m just socially awkward.

9. When you don’t have pockets, so you have to put your phone in your waistband, and the screen gets so sweaty that it doesn’t respond to your touch.

The age-old trick of tucking your phone in the waistband of your leggings or shorts works great — for a while. You finish your workout and pull your phone out, only to realize that the 37 layers of sweat covering your screen render the touch screen completely useless. And kinda gross.

Do you ever get frustrated with your phone? Have any other #FirstWorldProblems to rant about? Or do you have any tips for dealing with these? Comment below or let us know on social media @AuburnCampusRec!

Be well, Auburn.

Photography: Cat S.

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