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Reasons to Love February After the 14th

Reasons to Love February After the 14th

February is the best month. Here's why...

It is normal for people to have a love/hate relationship with Valentine’s Day, but don't write February off just yet. The month is lovable for so many other reasons — even after the 14th. Here a just a few things you can look forward to in February!

Chocolate  (Obviously)

Let’s be honest, February 15th is the real MVP. Valentine’s Day candy goes on sale, and everything is right in the world. Time to indulge on some half-priced chocolate today!

28 Days                        

Okay, so it’s only shorter by a couple of days, but it still counts. When you think you can’t make it through the month, remember the shortage of days. Twenty-eight is a piece of cake (preferably red velvet), so enjoy it.


Before you run away in sheer terror, hear us out. No one in their right mind celebrates midterms because of tests, but if you look at it from a new perspective you might agree. Midterms mean we are halfway through the school semester. Congrats! You’ve (almost) made it!

Fat Tuesday

Valentine’s Day is not the only holiday in February! There’s another special day to look forward to and that is, of course, Mardi Gras. Everyone can celebrate, and for a few weeks, your life can feel like one big party!


“The ice is melting, the sun is out, and the flowers are all in bloom.” –Smee, Peter Pan.

Spring is approaching and soon the weather is going to feel oh so fresh! What’s not to love?  Only one more month until Spring Break! Time to give yourself a mini vacation from school, so kick back and relax!

There you have it. With so many reasons to love the month of February, nothing can bring you down. When you start feeling like the month may last forever, remember it is only 28 of 365. Make it count!

Be well, Auburn.

Photography: Julia B.

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