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Why Yoga is Better Outside

Why Yoga is Better Outside

Have you ever done yoga? It’s relaxing, it’s good for you, and some would even say it’s enjoyable.

It’s also typically thought of as an indoor activity … but maybe we’re approaching it all wrong. Imagine the possibilities if we simply took it into the great outdoors. Here are seven benefits of doing yoga outside:

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Let the trees around you further inspire your tree pose.

When doing the ever-popular tree pose, inspiration strikes around the real thing. Surround yourself with actual trees, and truly feel yourself at one with nature.

Do the downward dog with actual dogs.

Dogs typically aren’t allowed in gyms (unfortunately). Simply having a pupper present automatically adds to your experience. Think about how much better doing one of the most popular yoga poses, the downward dog, would be with actual dogs.

Build your confidence by doing awkward poses in public.

Let’s face it, some yoga poses are just awkward. So simply embrace the awkwardness by doing them in a public setting, such as outside. Instead of being caught up in your appearance, concentrate more on the yoga experience itself -- while learning to focus less on having the perfect image.

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Listen to actual nature sounds instead of a corny playlist.

Nature-meditation tracks are often cringe-worthy and uncomfortable. We all know that “waterfall” is probably a water faucet. Is the chirping sound really birds? Probably not. Instead of having these inauthentic sounds fill your ears at such a meant-to-be-peaceful time, experience the true sounds of nature while doing yoga outside.

Falling won’t hurt as badly.

Speaking of the soft ground, if you fall while trying to tackle a difficult pose, it won’t hurt as badly as falling somewhere like the gym floor. Avoid bruises this way.

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No mat? No problem.

We’re college students. We’re broke. Paying for something as simple as a yoga mat isn’t in the cards for all of us. Thankfully, nature doesn’t cost us anything! Get out into the soft grass and do yoga without a mat.

Enjoy the fresh smell of nature, not the smell of everyone sweating around you.

While in the great outdoors, you can truly “breathe in” and “breathe out” without having to gag because the person next to you in the tight, enclosed space has worked up quite a sweat and an odor. Here in the open air, enjoy the fresh smells of nature instead.

Inspired to try yoga outside? You’re in luck! On Tuesday, Sept. 19, we’re hosting Yoga on the Greenspace at 5 p.m. Did I mention it’s free?

Be well, Auburn.

Photography: Julia B.

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