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Spookify Your Friends with These Fang-tastic Halloween Recipes

Spookify Your Friends with These Fang-tastic Halloween Recipes

We all have our favorite Thanksgiving dishes and the perfect Christmas cookie recipe, but what about Halloween?

Check out these fang-tastic recipes for dishes, desserts and drinks to make this holiday extra spooky!


Ghost Pizza Bagels

A Halloween twist on a college-kid’s staple food, these pizza bagels are incredibly simple to make. All you need to make this ghoulish dish are mini-bagels, mozzarella, marinara, black olives, and the ability to cut ghost shapes out of cheese. It’s not super hard, I promise.

Stuffed Jack-o-Lantern Bell Peppers

These edible jack-o-lanterns are the perfect way to “spookify” a classic dish. Use the bell peppers of your choice — orange if you’re going for authenticity — ground beef or turkey, veggies, and more to make the perfect stuffed bell peppers with just the right amount of scary.


Cheesy Broccoli and Chicken Stuffed Skulls

If you think an edible skull with goop oozing out of its mouth sounds appealing, this is the dish for you. With the small investment in a skull cake pan, pizza dough, chicken, cheese and broccoli, you can freak out all your friends with this delicious and slightly disturbing meal.

Eyeball Pasta

This Halloween dinner gives you the chance to be as creative as you want! Using any spinach pasta, white cheese, dark-skinned veggies and pasta sauce, you can make this tasty, healthy, spooky dish your own.



Chocolate Mice

These cute little mice make the perfect – and easy - party dessert. Mix the melted chocolate with the other ingredients to make the cutest rodents you ever saw, then all that’s left to do is let them firm for two hours in the fridge. Simple and adorable!

Gooey Monster Cookies

If gore, vermin, or other gross things aren’t your favorite part of Halloween, these cutesy creepy cookies are perfect for you! Grab some candy eyeballs and the food coloring of your choice to create your own little monsters. Look for neon food coloring to get even brighter cookies!


Glowing Mini Cupcakes

Using your favorite cupcake recipe for the base, this radiant dessert is an easy dessert for anyone to make. How can cupcakes glow? The tricks of this treat are black light and a special tonic water glaze for the frosting!

Dirt-Pudding Pumpkin Patch

Growing up, most of us probably had dirt pudding at one time or another. Why not upgrade that dirt cup to an entire pumpkin patch? With the help of candy corn pumpkins and green-dyed frosting, you can! Don’t have a food processor? No worries, your hands are just as good at crushing cookies. So get your hands “dirty” and have some fun!



Purple People Eater Punch

Bring back the neon food coloring from the monster cookies to make this spooky drink! Mix the coloring with red grape juice, club soda and vanilla ice cream to create the perfect purple people eater punch. Try that for a tongue twister!

Witch's Bubbly Brewed Punch

If you’re looking for some more orange to match your pumpkins and candy corn, then this punch is perfect. Combine orange soda and Hawaiian Punch for the drink, and finish with orange sherbet vanilla ice cream to get a foamy top layer on your witchy brew.


Black Halloween Punch

As if drinking black liquid isn’t scary enough, this punch has an extra spooky surprise — a floating hand! Clean out a disposable glove, fill it with water, close the opening with a rubber band, and stick it in the freezer. Once it’s solid, dip it quickly in warm water to make it easier to peel off the glove. Make this drink even more haunting by adding food coloring to the water.

Gummy Worm Punch

A list of Halloween punches wouldn’t be complete without a green concoction.  Pour Hawaiian Punch Green Berry Rush over gummy worms in muffin tins and freeze to create flavored, wormy, ice disks. Drop these into a mix of the Hawaiian Punch and lemon-lime soda, and watch the worms swim around in your spooky green creation!


Have any of your own favorite Halloween recipes? We'd love to hear from you! Reach out to us on social media @AuburnCampusRec to share!

Be well, Auburn.

Photography: Michelle M.

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