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Bibbity Bobbity Boo–It–Yourself Pumpkins

Bibbity Bobbity Boo–It–Yourself Pumpkins

This Halloween, avoid the hassle of carving and paint your pumpkins instead!

Check out these pumpkin painting ideas featuring some of your favorite Disney characters — Mike Wazowski, Simba and Maleficent.



Easy- Mike Wazowski

Materials: pumpkin, paint (green, blue, black, white), paintbrushes


1.     Base coat: Green

2.     Coat it again (optional)

3.     Block in eye with white

4.     Block in iris with blue

5.     Add smile with black line

6.     Block in pupil with black

Medium – Simba

Materials: pumpkin, paint (golden yellow, brown, red, black, white), paintbrushes, red paper, scissors, glue


1.     Sketch out Simba’s head’s outline

2.     Block in with golden yellow paint

3.     Block in semi-oval shapes for eyes with mix of brown and golden yellow

4.     Block in muzzle, eyes, and under-eye with mix of white and golden yellow

5.     Block in nose with mix of red and white

6.     Block in irises with red

7.     Block in ears and nostrils with brown

8.     Add line definition of eyebrows, lower edges of ears, and mouth with mix of brown and black

9.     Cut out rounded triangle shapes from the red paper to use as his leaf mane

10.  Glue paper pieces sporadically along the outline of Simba, cutting edges as necessary

Hard – Maleficent

Materials: pumpkin, paint (green, yellow, purple, red, black, white), paintbrushes, 2 disposable cups, tin foil, paper, glue


1.     Base coat: Mix of green and white

2.     Coat it again (optional)

3.     Glue two cups to the top of the pumpkin where horns would go

4.     Wrap tin foil around the cups and higher

5.     Mold into slightly curved horns

6.     Wrap with paper and glue down

7.     Paint over horns and back half of the pumpkin with black

8.     Add black arcs to frame her face

9.     Block in eyes with yellow and eyelids with purple

10.  Block in lips with red

11.  Block in pupil with black

12.  Add line definition to eyebrows, eyeliner, and lips with black

13.  Do an evil cackle

Did you try making these characters? Have any extra tips? Let us know in the comments below, or share with us on social media @AuburnCampusRec.

Be Well, Auburn.

Photography: Michelle M.

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